Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Screw Sony and Screw EA Sports

To most sports fans who play video games.....the release of the new Madden game is like Christmas morning [as well it should be].  I get that same feeling when the new NBA Live video game comes out.

I've purchased EA Sports games forever.  Back when there was "Larry Bird v Dr J's One on One" to "Bulls v Blazers" to "NBA Showdown" to "NBA Live".  I've bought all the Maddens, all the different baseball, boxing, hockey and some soccer games.  I've been devoted to them.

But they've made me mad today.

Today was supposed to be the release of NBA LIVE 07.  Well, it kinda was.  You see, I found it on XBox, XBox360 and the PC.....but not Playstation2, which I own.   I took a pic of the game on my camera phone on XBox. 

I spent my entire free time today trying to find this game.  Before work, I searched for it a few places....but to no avail.  Then a Circuit City ad I had said it would be in the store at 5pm.  I had an opportunity for a day off from work today....and took it.  So at 5pm, I went out for it.


I spent the rest of my day driving around to about, uh, 8 different places to find the game....only to see the same mess.  There is Tracy McGrady's wall-eye starting at me from the Xbox game cover....but no Playstation2 game.


Screw EA Sports and Sony for pimping this game in nearly every ad this Sunday....only to see me not end up with the game.  Nice.  Show me some...then take it away.  I've been devoted to both EA and Sony for years.  I once bought another hoops game instead of EA once....and was disappointed.  Now, I may end up with Sony's NBA 07 which has Kobe Bryant on the cover, except.....

.....Sony's angered me as well.  My "galavanting" [my wife's word] finally led me to Geek Central....aka the used game store....and the dude told me that Sony is having production problems and doesn't know when the game will arrive.  These are the same people who know when any game's street date is...so I believe that he doesn't know.  So I can see the game on XBox out there, but not for my PS2!!?!?  Crap!!!!  Ever since the Playstation came out....I've stuck with them and not once thought about buying an XBox.  Still, the XBox360 has been out a year, most likely will see a price drop soon, while Sony is going to show me a Playstation 3 soon that will cost....oh.....$600 and feature stuff I don't need right now.  And I can't even get the ONE FREAKIN GAME I WANT!!!

Screw Circut City for advertising the game and then not having it.

Screw Toys R Us for telling me "oh, we sold out" when you knew you never had it anyway.

Screw Best Buy for just looking on your computer and telling me you didn't have anymore.

Screw Target for having an idiot jockying the register.

Screw Wal Mart for a host of reasons....including having a huge ad pimping the game as I walked in.

Screw the Geek Central guy who acted like "you stupid jock can't have your sports game.....but try Alien Chainsaw Killers RPG 3 cuz they got chicks with big'uns". 

Screw EA Sports.com who, hmmmmm, decided to not even mention the game on the website. 

Screw 'em all!


monponsett said...

It's because McGrady is on the cover... it'll be out 4-6 weeks.

whatever1296 said...


"Oh my lower back"
"My baby sisters cousin's uncle died"
"my backs is hurting again"