Friday, September 1, 2006

Iron God Chamber


"What is justice?  Justice is the law that distinguishes between right and wrong.  What then is justice, that we may do justice?  The face of a killer is your face.  My face.  Our face."

RED SOX TANKING:  Let me preface this by saying that I hope everyone going thru health issues come out okay.  Irregular heartbeats and enlarged lymph nodes are nothing to make light of.  Having said that, it's nice to see the Red Sox go away quietly into the night.  Since 2003, the world has gotten too Red Sox-y.  The un-premature Pedro ejection.  Aaron Freakin' Boone.  The amazing 2004 ALCS comeback and their World Series title.  And the basking of it all in 2005. is over.  Even the Angels have gone away.  What angers me still is that the Red Sox [who need a miracle to get into the postseason] still get more pub than.....well.....EVERYONE IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE.  Look, I know that the NL is nothing, but the team with the best record in the majors lives in that netherworld.  And there is a good wildcard race over there too. 

USA-GREECE:  Right now, Greece is up by 13 in the 3rd quarter.

DON NELSON BACK IN G-STATE:  This may work.  After all, nothing has worked in Oakland since he left.   I'm not a fan of their roster or of Don Nelson as a coach.  But these two need each other.  Nelson can take a mediocre team and make them a playoff team.  It's that whole "doing something when you get to the playoffs" thing that screws him up. 

ANDRE AGASSI:  He won't win the US Open [though, what if he did?] but Agassi is leaving in a blaze of glory.  Agassi is the one athlete that makes me feel old.  I remember when he was coming up in the pastels trying to sell me cameras [hey people, he had hair!].  Heck, in high school....I wore his Nikes.  Now he's an old fart in his final go around at the Open.  How time flies.

REDSKINS ARE RICH, BEYOTCH!  Forbes has done their franchise value surveys and, again for the 7th straight year, the Washington Redskins are worth more than any pro sports franchise in North America.  Apparently, they are worth $1.423 billion....and have an operating income of over $108M.....which is double every NFL team but the Houston Texans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Following the Skins is the Patriots, Cowboys, Texans and Eagles....which means 3 of the 4 NFC East teams rank in the top five [the Giants are 15th]. 

COMMISSIONER GOODELL:  By the time you read this [6:00am EDT to be exact], Commish Tags will be gone and Roger Goodell takes over the NFL.  They must have learned "transition" from the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts. 

PINK SINGS NEW SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL SONG:  We went from Hank Williams, Pink.  Ugh. 


whatever1296 said...

We went from -
"All my rowdy friends"
"I got rights"
"Women I've never had"
"A Country boy will survive"
"Texas Women"

Too -
"Get the party started"

Yeah, I guess cornbread and Ice tea really has finally taken the place of pills and ninety proof.

Just one more step in the "pussification" of America....

monponsett said...

86 years, one World Series, and my favorite player goes all Reggie Lewis on me... makes me lose my faith in the system:

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats."