Monday, September 11, 2006

Why Is John Hall Still On This Team??!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!


Why do we, the Redskins, have the worst kicker in the NFL??  And it isn't that I'm just saying this cuz he missed a possible game-tying FG's public knowledge.  Read any magazine, skim any website, ask any expert - John Hall sucks.  He sucks, he's always injured and he's all we got.  He can't be relied on to kick anything further than 48 yards [you are an NFL KICKER, for crissake!!!!!!].

Oh, his 2005 stats are pretty good....he only missed 2 FGs.  But, he only attempted 14. Sure, he played in just 10 games....but he only attempted one kick over 50 yards.  He hasn't hit one longer than 50 yards since 2003!!!!

And he's our "idiot kicker".

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theartofmassage said...

WHY ASK WHY????  things still arent a gellin with the skins yet....  we have some great additions but as with John Hall....there are still some KEY positions that NEEDaFIXEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  IE:   OB position  Corner Back position (i still miss Darrell Green though so maybe Im a lil off)
Tracie Hoenig, CMT
The Art of Massage
Annapolis, Maryland