Thursday, September 7, 2006

US Boxing Fighting in Morocco


Right now, the Junior USA Boxing team is in Morocco, competing in the AIBA Junior World Championships. 

The team is composed of 11 national champions from the "2006 Under 19 National Championships" held a month ago in Kansas City.  The team comprises of Luis Yanez [Duncanville, TX], Shawn Porter [Cuyahoga Falls, OH], Alan Lawrence [Newark],  Sadam Ali [Brooklyn],  Jerry Belmontes [Corpus Christi, TX], Qa’id Muhammad [Ventnor City, NJ], Jorge Diaz [New Brunswick, NJ], Andre Sherard [Milwaukee], Dorsett Barnwell [Norfolk, VA], Michael Hunter [Las Vegas]....and William Jackson [Cincinnati]. 

William Jackson is a son of one of my friends.

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yanniisk said...

I went to school with Jerry and know him somewhat, the guy can box. Hope he does well.