Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sportz' Football Rankings.....Week 1

                       "Hey....we are at the top of the Sportz Assassin's NFL rankings!!!!"

With the ending of Week 1 of the NFL season....I'm going to start my NFL and NCAA football rankings.  Everyone has their rankings....but I was one of the few people that had Texas #1 for most of the season on my poll last year [yet, I foolishly picked against them in the Rose Bowl]. 

I mean, someone had to take the spot vacated by my big Michigan-USC BCS championship game!

Here we go....

NFL-Top 10

1-STEELERS:  The defending champs didn't have their QB, but still beat the Dolphins in typical Steeler fashion.
2-COLTS:  Lost in the Manning Bowl was the fact that the Colts went into a tough atmosphere and beat a defending division champion with big dreams.
3-BENGALS:  Cincy's offense didn't look spectacular...but keeping Larry Johnson out of the endzone [well, they gave up a ton of yards, though] and creating turnovers was a nice way to win in a rough place to do so. 
4-SEAHAWKS:  Sure, they beat the Lions 9-6.  But you can't tell me they still aren't the NFC's best team.
5-BEARS:  The Bears have an eery similarity to the 2000 Ravens.  This defense is unbelievable [yeah, I know it was just against the Packers, but still].  But the offense seems to be getting better. 
6-EAGLES:  It was nice to see Donovan McNabb smile again.  And him connecting with #18...the antithisis of #81. 
7-CHARGERS:  They completely dismantled their rival in their house....without really throwing the football.  Still, I'd like to see Philip Rivers have to do something before I completely buy into this team.
8-PANTHERS:  Yeah, they were drowned by a horrible offensive showing and a surprisingly bad run defense....but this team tends to always lose home openers [see: Saints, last year] and come out okay.  And there was no Steve Smith there.
9-FALCONS:  Save the "how are they ranked below Carolina when they just beat them" crap.  Atlanta didn't beat Carolina's best...but I was very, very, very pleased that Jim Mora is allowing Michael Vick more freedom in the offense.  And Vick rewarded him. 
10-PATRIOTS:  The offense still needs work, and trading Branch won't help them now.  Still, getting a 1st round pick for a guy who hasn't netted a 1,000 yd season.

NCAA-Top 10

1-OHIO STATE:  When you can go into the home of #2 and smack them down...you've earned it!
2-NOTRE DAME:  They sunk because of a low scoring win at G-Tech?  C'mon. 
3-USC:  That USC-Notre Dame game later this year could be a matchup of undefeateds
4-AUBURN:  This team is stacked and is ready to embark on the hellacious SEC schedule.  Next:  LSU.
5-LSU:  Hello, Auburn.
6-WEST VIRGINIA:  I still don't have them winning the Big East, but this is a whale of a team.
7-LOUISVILLE:  I have the Cards doing that.  Oh, and they get Miami-FL this weekend.
8-TEXAS:  Sure, a young QB is going to make mistakes against the #1 team in the land.  Still, they have a Big XII to win.
9-FLORIDA:  My man Chris Leak gets a nice test in Knoxville this weekend.
10-MICHIGAN:  And the reward is Notre Dame.



ktmdog said...

Man oh man Sportz. You left off the Ravens? I think you're missing the boat on this one......

sportzassassin said...

I'm not sold on them yet.  They trounced the Buccaneers who have a crappy QB [in my eyes] who gave them waaaay to many opportunities to succeed.  They will handle Oakland and then head to Cleveland where they may end up 3-0 heading into a stretch against the Chargers, Broncos, Panthers, Saints and Bengals.  If they are 5-3 or better after that....they could have a shot at the postseason.  Anything worse that 5-3, then no.  Their 2nd half of the schedule includes the Falcons, Steelers [twice], Bengals and Chiefs.

I'm not yet sold on their offense.  In that Tampa game, they only gained 271 yards...had 7 of their 12 offensive drives end in 4 plays or less [including five 3-and-outs].  Oh, and 1 of the drives that had more than 4 plays was the final one of the game where they ran out the clock.  

Their defense is legit....but I haven't seen enough that I like from their offense to warrant a Top 10 ranking yet.