Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sportz Football Power Rankings - Week 2

NFL-Top 10

1-COLTS:  Indy got to stretch their legs with a drubbing of Houston.
2-BENGALS:  Their opponents are a combined 0-4 thus this Pittsburgh game will show us what they really are made of.
3-SEAHAWKS:  I'm still waiting for them to really impress me. 
4-BEARS:  The Bears offense has been on fire thus far.  Sure, the Lions and Packers aren't exactly great teams, but Chicago has been impressive, nontheless
5-CHARGERS:  They completely dismantled Oakland and Tennessee....without really throwing the football.  Still, I'd like to see Philip Rivers have to do something before I completely buy into this team.
6-JAGUARS:  They didn't just smack up the Steelers like they were the Texans, did they??? 
7-FALCONS:  See that Chargers model above.  Defense and running the football = success. 
8-STEELERS:  The defending champs look a bit sluggish so far....which isn't good heading into Bengal Week.
9-EAGLES:  Yeah, the Eagles lost this past Sunday....but they were sooo dominant for three quarters.
10-PATRIOTS:  The offense still needs work, and trading Branch won't help them now.  Still, getting a 1st round pick for a guy who hasn't netted a 1,000 yd season is pretty darn good.

NCAA-Top 10

1-OHIO STATE:  Not only are they sitting here comfortably, they seem to be pulling away.
2-AUBURN:  Great defensive game against LSU. 
3-USC:  It is unfair that this team can lose two Heisman Trophy winners and still have one of the nation's top teams.
4-WEST VIRGINIA:  Just biding some time until they have to play...
5-LOUISVILLE:  Spanking Miami had to be fun for the "lowly" Big East, eh??? 
6-FLORIDA:  Winning in Knoxville was a huge deal for the Gators, who pulled out a win under such tough circumstances.
7-MICHIGAN:  I had this team in the National Championship game last year.  Maybe I was one year too soon.
8-LSU:  Losing in such a gritty game [and with a tough pass interference call] didn't drop them much.
9-TEXAS:  Sure, a young QB is going to make mistakes against the #1 team in the land.  Still, they have a Big XII to win.
10-NOTRE DAME:  Getting spanked at home isn't much fun.  How they perform against Michigan State will show everyone what they are made of. 

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