Friday, September 22, 2006

Free The Birds!!!!

                      O's protest

Sorry, but I'm a little on edge right now.  I haven't touched this blog in a while since I've been busy working on The Fanhouse more and more.  But, rest assured, this is still the place to be!  But I am bent on a few things: 

FREE THE BIRDS:  This is what I am talking about!!  The problem with people is that we whine and moan about everything yet do nothing about it.  Your team sucks?  Well, you just stop going to the games and tell everyone that's your statement.  When all that really did was let some other schmuck move into your seats.  And when the team turns it around, you'll be there like a scolded puppy who wants to be petted. 

In Baltimore, they showed everyone why they were bent.  About 1,000 people attended the game wearing black "Free the Birds" t-shirts.  At exactly 5:08 pm [the "5" for Brooks Robinson and the "8" for Cal Ripken Jr], all those people got up from their seats and walked out of the stadium in a line.  This was done in protest aimed at Orioles owner Peter Angelos, widely regarded as the worst owner in baseball.  This is the 9th straight year that the Orioles finished a season with a losing record. 

Kudos to those fans for showing their support to the franchise but demonstrating that they aren't liking the direction the team is heading. 

WE SUCK AT BASKETBALL:  Not only did the USA men's team fail to bring home the gold in the World Basketball Championships last month.....but the women were upset by Russia [was it Russia?  I think it was Russia?].  This was their first international loss since 1994.  Now, it isn't like I'm going to slit my wrists that the women's team stunk because, to be honest, I had no idea they were even playing this thing. 

POCKET THE ROCKET:  With the Astros season winding down, it is now time for the speculation to begin if Roger Clemens is pitching his final games.  Excuse me for yawning.  Haven't we done this crap in each of the last 4 years??  Even Brett Favre is getting tired of hearing about it.  This year should be the easiest for the Rocket to walk away since, well, this is his first season in a while that is ending early. 

HERE, HERE!  BOBBY KNIGHT:  Normally, anything Bobby Knight says gets a roll of the eyes from me.  But I do agree with him here, talking about the recent controversial Oregon-Oklahoma football game:   "Maybe now those people at Oklahoma understand what I was talking about.  Had Oklahoma forfeited that game against us like I suggested, they would have gotten far more positive publicity out of that than if they had gone to the Final Four that year. Now I guess the 'duck' is swimming in the other pond."  The game he is referring to was a 2003 game between Oklahoma and his Texas Tech basketball team.  In that game, the Sooners were benefactors of questionable clock issues during the game.  When Knight demanded a forfeit, Oklahoma laughed it off.  Who's laughing now?

CRAP ON THE DRAFT:  Go to the major sports websites, and they are already looking at the 2007 NFL Draft.  Why?  It isn't fun and it isn't interesting.  These same honks do their mock drafts a week before the actual draft and get it completely wrong.  It is SEVEN MONTHS away!!!!  How about just enjoying the NFL season as it goes along and celebrate the draft when your team's season is over. 

IT'S ALL THE SAME:  Sure, the Braves didn't win the NL East this year, marking the first time since 1990 that Atlanta didn't win a division.  Man, that record will hold up forever!  Or just a little while longer.  The Yankees just won the AL East for the 9th straight year.  The same AL East that saw the best Red Sox team in many years.


emeraldffl said...

dear nfl network,(off the subjects)
    a team is a what,not a're driving me nuts with your"who is the greatest superbowl team of all time."it's"what is the wonder the players say words like"comfortbility"the entire nfl is ILLERATE.


yanniisk said...

Speaking of Texas Tech, they just some some major in state recruits that will put them back on the map come 2007, especially if he can get those two California kids to go along with them.

monponsett said...

Romper Stomper Domper Do... what's this gig Sportz has gotten into?

I am SO f*cking jealous that they asked you and not me to do the fanhouse thing. Seriously... I'm crushed. Oh well... at least I come from a wealthy family, and I married into additional money.

I'm psyched for you, though. You should roll this over a few times, update the resume, maybe get a gig at the local paper.... get yourself out of that soul-crushing factory job, and blogging for pay. Long overdue, IMHO.