Sunday, September 3, 2006

NFL Sunday Ticket


Again....I will take this time to toot my own horn....and DirecTV's horn.

The NFL Sunday Ticket is the greatest invention man has ever created.  Screw the wheel, the airplane and twinkies.  Nothing beats the Ticket.  This will be the 7th year I've had the service...and to paraphrase Beetlejuice, "it gets better every time I see it!" 

Some basics of it.

*You get up to 14 games a week on it.  You get all the weekend games, sans the NBC and ESPN games.  Also, if the team in your market is playing at home and doesn't sell out....that game is blacked out.  Otherwise, you will get every NFL game in one fashion or another.

*NFL Sunday Snap.  It is a channel that just shows the stats of each game.  Not too shabby.  A must for fantasy freaks.

*Also, you will get to see the coaches shows.  Ya know those cheesy coaches shows that every NFL market throws out there during the week??  Well, DirecTV re-broadcasts those shows the morning before the games begin.  Not bad. 

*NFL Network.  If you have DirecTV already and are buying this package.....chances are that you already get the NFL Network.  But, if for some reason you don't....well, here it is.

*You get highlights on demand.  If you have a DirecTV DVR, every Monday morning, highlights will be downloaded to your DVR and ready to roll.  Just a highlight package of each game.  Sorta your own NFL Primetime.

*And if you have the Interactive can access stats during the game. 

*You will also get to see all of the NFL Europe games in the spring.  I know, I know...that ain't the greatest gift....but, c'mon, it is football in a down time. 

And if all that isn't enough, you can add on the SuperFan package for a bit more. 

*You will get 110 NFL games presented in HDTV.  Whoa.

*You will get the RedZone Channel.  This channel just bounces from game to game and focuses on a game with a team on the cusp of scoring.  Kinda like the NCAA tournament "look-ins" when there is some drama unfolding.  Same thing here. 

*I looooove the Game Mix.  It is a channel with 8 games on at once.  In the Sportz Room, usually one TV is on this channel....and when I see that a team is ready to score [which the game mix then surrounds that game in red], I change my main TV to that channel. 

*Short Cuts.  This is an amazing....AMAZING.....feature that lets you watch NFL games in under 30 minutes.  They cut out the commericals, banter, huddles and nonsense and present the game in a play-by-play manner.  Awesome if you want to catch up on the entire week of football. 

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