Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Are You REALLY a Fan of Your Favorite NFL Team???


Sometimes even I get caught off guard.

Check out Monday Night Surround, a new thing from TESTS how much knowledge you really have of your team....and your favorite players.  I mean, do you really know the people who make up your team?  Really?

These aren't "Redskins colors are burgundy and ________" or "Bank of America Stadium was originally named what?"  No, these are some good ones.

I am a Redskins fan....and here is a sample of the questions [it features your team's both Redskins and Vikings questions are included]:

-Joe Gibbs played college football for what school?
-In the final game of the 2004 regular-season, the Redskins beat the Vikings, 21-18. Minnesota's top rusher had 24 yards in that contest... who was he?
-In Washington's 17-10 win in the 1987 NFC Championship game [over the Vikings], who caught the winning touchdown pass?
-True or False. Running back Terry Allen had 1000-yard rushing seasons for both the Redskins and Vikings.

And that is just the Skins-Vikings game.  Check out your favorite team!


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theartofmassage said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm  Well I have always THOUGHT of myself as a DIE Hard REDSKINS fan cause I always always always ROOT for them.... despite their winning or lossing record. However, Im not much on trivia. I do see how KNOWing the answers to the Q's posed might mean (to some that is) that youre a truer fan than others BUT in my heart I know that I am a total DIE Hard True fan on the Washington Redskins!!! Who BTW used to be the new jersey senators ( i believe if my memory hasnt failed me) My Dad, used to talk about the OLD days of the skins back when football was about the sport and not the DRAMA Queens we have playing now. Back when the owners new a lil something about the sport and didnt treat the game as a total money making venture.
Im eternally optomistic about this season despite our current record. We will get our act together and win some games all I can say is COWPIE fans  COME see your COWPUKES at FedEX.... where WE ROCK the Stadium and make your team wish they could HEAR themselves THINK!
Visit my blog sometime. I would love to hear your comments and welcome the challange of trivia questions. Perhaps I will look your questions up to find the answers.
Tracie Hoenig, CMT
The Art of Massge
Annapolis, MD