Sunday, September 3, 2006

College Football is BACK!


Ahhh...the sounds of football games that really count.  No practice games, intersquad games or preseason that count in the standings.  And a pretty good jump to the season.

OHIO STATE AND TEXAS ROLL:  Both teams took care of business this week before facing off next Saturday night.  The Ohio State rolled over Northern Illinois, 35-12, while Texas smacked up North Texas, 56-7.  The hype now begins.

NOTRE DAME, UM, NOT SO HOT:  Sure, the Irish went into Atlanta and beat Georgia Tech, 14-10, but the offense certainly wasn't crisp.  They had too many penalties and QB Brady Quinn let a few passes sail on him.  However, the offense was able to still control the ball [with a great game by Darius Walker] and the defense did a great job of putting the clamps on Tech WR Calvin Johnson in the 2nd half.  If their defense can keep this up and the offense gets it's act together.....they'll be really tough.

TENNESSEE SPANKS CAL:  They're baaaaaack.  Rumors of the Vols demise has really been greatly exaggerated.  Tennessee thumped #9 Cal....holding a 35-0 lead at one point.  All the smack that had been talked about the Vols starting a slump in their program had apparantly pissed them off enough that they decided to show us.  And they did!

USC IS STILL GOOD:  Sure they lost two Heisman trophy winners....but they went into a tough Arkansas environment and won 50-14. 

AND THE CUPCAKES CAME TUMBLIN' DOWN:  Of course, the first weekend of college pigskin usually means a steady dose of "Cupcake Pounding".  LSU over La-Lafayette, 45-3......Georgia over Western Kentucky, 48-12.....Iowa over Montana, 41-7.....Virginia Tech over Northeastern, 38-0....and Clemson over Florida Atlantic, 54-6.

AND ONE CUPCAKE FOUGHT BACK:  Montana State went into Colorado and beat the Buffs, 19-10.  Wow.  How far has this Colorado program fallen in the past several months??

LONG YEAR FOR THE HEELS:  My beloved Heels tanked one at home against a very good Rutgers team.  Rutgers back Raymell Rice ran for 201 yards and dominated in their 21-16 win.  And this was probably one of the games the Heels could've won this year. 

LONGER YEAR FOR DUKE:  Duke was shut out at Richmond.  13-0.  Ouch.

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zbar88 said...

Thank god college football is back. I just posted up the results and some stats of the top 10 teams on my blog.