Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Read the NFL FANHOUSE.....Now!!!!!


Yes, the NFL Fanhouse.

This is AOL's newest blogging phenomenon....joining "Sports Bloggers Live" and, to a lesser extent, as jewels in the AOL blogging crown.  It is chocked full of NFL goodies from, well, everyone.

Each team has their "specialist"....someone who lives, poops and breathes whatever colors their team wears.  My favorite team, the Washington Redskins, features fanhouse writer David Gaines who delves into everything and everything Skins.  What's up with Clinton Portis?  What's the Skins' 2006 outlook?  Oh, and what is up with owner Daniel Snyder dealing with Tom Cruise??  Yep, it is all there.

And that's just the Skins site.  Your favorite team is out there give it a try.  Then you can go into work, spout off that knowledge, and look like a football God.

Oh, and if you wanna win your fantasy football league...check out my writings at AOL Fanhouse: Fantasy Football...which will feature fantasy news, injury updates and an in-depth look into each NFL game to find who the fantasy studs, duds and sleepers are. 

-Week 1 Fantasy Guide:  Part 1
-Week 1 Fantasy Guide:  Part 2

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