Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sportz' Week 3 Picks


I've been a decent 20-12 thus far.  But a blind rat can do that.  I need to do better.  So here is my no-frills picks for Week 3:

REDSKINS [0-2] OVER TEXANS [0-2]:  If the Skins can't get off the mat in this one, they may as well just hang up the season.

LIONS [0-2] OVER PACKERS [0-2]:  Flip a coin on this one. 

DOLPHINS [0-2] OVER TITANS [0-2]:  This could be the 3rd and Final game of the Kerry Collins Era in Nashville. 

PANTHERS [0-2] OVER BUCCANEERS [0-2]:  At least Carolina has been in one of the their games. 

COLTS [2-0] OVER JAGUARS [2-0]:  These usually turn into great games.  Should be same on Sunday. 

BEARS [2-0] OVER VIKINGS [2-0]:  Sorry, but I'm gonna pick the team that's blown out their two opponents over the one that's won by two late FGs. 

BENGALS OVER STEELERS:  Both teams are banged up and this game will be plenty physical.  So I like that Cincy offensive line and Rudi Johnson to do damage. 

SEAHAWKS OVER GIANTS:  This should be a great game to watch!!!!

BILLS OVER JETS:  Willis McGahee owns the Jets....and I'm banking on a big day from him.

RAVENS OVER BROWNS:  Let's see....Baltimore gets to face a bad young QB for the third straight week [Simms, Walters, Frye].

EAGLES OVER NINERS:  Donovan McNabb shreds that Niner defense. 

CARDINALS OVER RAMS:  Why not?  I mean, St Louis did lose in San Fran last week.  And Arizona has yet to lose a regular season game in the history of Cardinals Stadium.  Well, they are 1-0.

PATRIOTS OVER BRONCOS:  I can't in good conscience pick a team that has yet to score a TD to beat the Pats in New England. 

FALCONS [2-0] OVER SAINTS [2-0]:  This will be the most emotional game of the weekend and should affect us all.   In a perfect world, the Saints will win this game.  But as the citizens of N'Awlins can tell isn't.

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