Monday, September 11, 2006

Kickers Rule Week 1


Normally in football circles, the defense develops quicker than the offense.  Most defenses are the same in principle and it's just a matter of getting everyone on the same page.  There are more offensive sets and movements and plays and everything that it is hard to get everyone working as one unit for a while.  Especially when the preseason sees just a small bit of participation from the starters.

So...the kickers benefit...and none moreso than Jeff Wilkins of the Rams...who nailed SIX field goals in their win over Denver. 

The AFC West stunk up the joint [Denver looked horrid and the Chiefs lost at home] with their lone winning team coming in the Monday Night game between the Raiders and Chargers.  The loser of the Vikings-Redskins game will see their division go 1-3 in Week 1.  The AFC North and NFC West saw their teams win 3-of-4 games [in the NFC West, their lone loss was within the division].

Oh, I lost that Denver game...and several others.  Here is a quick Week 1 recap.

STEELERS 28-DOLPHINS 17 [Sportz 1-0]:  Charlie Batch did better than expected by throwing 3 TD passes which were set up by some great running by Willie Parker. 

SAINTS 19-BROWNS 14 [Sportz 1-1]:  Again, Houston you feel about not picking Reggie Bush?  Bush got 141 all-purpose yards in his NFL debut.  New Orleans looked like a legit team that could be a sleeper.

SEAHAWKS 9-LIONS 6 [Sportz 2-1]:  Ugh.  This game sucked.

JETS 23-TITANS 16 [Sportz 2-2]:  Chad Pennington looked really, really, really good for New York.  On the other side, Kerry Collins looked really, really bad.  By the way, the Jets franchise used to be called the Titans.

BENGALS 23-CHIEFS 10 [Sportz 3-2]:  The story of this game was Trent Green being carted off the field on a stretcher.  No word on how serious it is.  Also, Carson Palmer looked lower than average stat-wise...but decent with his knee. 

RAMS 18-BRONCOS [Sportz 3-3]:  When you score 10 pts, don't allow a TD....yet still lost by 8's not going to be a fantastic year.  Denver's got to step it up if they are gonna realize all these experts' picks for a Super season.

PATRIOTS 19-BILLS 17 [Sportz 4-3]:  The Bills gave a great effort with sound defense and some breaks on offense.  But, down 17-7, New England made a nice comeback that ended with a big safety in the 4th quarter. 

RAVENS 27-BUCCANNERS 0 [Sportz 4-4]:  Complete humiliation.  The Ravens defense looked as crisp as they did several years ago.  Of course, they were confusing Chris Simms...which isn't that tough a task.  Still, they were hard hitting [Ray Lewis put a hit on Michael Pittman at the goal line that made my neck hurt] and creating turnovers.

FALCONS 20-PANTHERS 6 [Sportz 4-5]:  As my mom said, "Jake Delhomme is either hit or miss."  He was all miss here.  And Atlanta's got a brand new bag.  No more is Jim Mora keeping a leash on Michael Vick...and it seems to be working.  Vick scrambled some...but not as much as he used to.  He scrambled, but stayed in a passing stance and made some big plays out of nothing. 

EAGLES 24-TEXANS 10 [Sportz 5-5]:  Eric Moulds started it off well for Houston with a TD reception early....then it all caved in.  And no offense this weekend looked better than Philly's did. 

BEARS 26-PACKERS 0 [Sportz 6-5]:  The NFL's longest rivalry turned into a route...and embarrassing route.  Brett Favre spent most of his day running or sitting on his butt. 

CARDINALS 34-NINERS 27 [Sportz 7-5]:  There wasn't a more entertaining offensive game than this one.  Some much youth...and it was all looking good.  Boldin, Fitzgerald, Gore, Smith and Davis all looked spectacular today and showed us what the future holds for these two franchises.  Oh, add in the fact that this game was played at that great new Cardinals Stadium.

JAGUARS 24-COWBOYS 17 [Sportz 8-5]:  Ha ha...T.O. and the Cowboys lost.  With the way that Drew Bledsoe played today [three picks], how long will it be before Owens gets a bit bent???  I hope soon!

COLTS 26-GIANTS 21 [Sportz 9-5]:  This had to be a tough game for the Manning family.  Both QBs performed well....but it looked awkward that they were facing off against each other.  But the worst part was how the story set up for Eli Manning setting up to lead his team down the field for a game winning TD late in the game....and then he throws a horrendous pass for an interception....which essentially ends the game.  Tough.

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