Sunday, September 24, 2006

Why Do We Care About the Ryder Cup??


RYDER CUP BLUES:  I'm embarrassed!  Well, actually, I'm not.  I could care less about the Ryder Cup.  I just don't care.  To me, it doesn't represent who is better:  the United States or Europe.  Rewind that back.  It is the USA v Europe.  What's that??  One nation versus an entire continent?  Congrats on dominating us.  And when this little get together is over....we can send our Tiger and DiMarco out there to win all the individual tournaments - including Europe's biggest event, the British Open.  I'll take that over a once-every-two-years spanking.  Sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze. 

NOTRE DAME'S COMEBACK:  It looked like Charlie Weis was about to be Ty Willingham-ed.  Ya know, that disease where your first Notre Dame season is awesome, setting off unreal expectations to only stay in mediocrity??  One week after the Irish were ambushed at home by Michigan, they were quickly down 17-0 [and 37-21] and looked like they were sunk again.  Then three turnovers in the 4th quarter capped by a miraculous pick and run back for a TD....and the Irish are saved.  Their remaining schedule is pretty easy until the season ender in Los Angeles against USC, but that gives a team a chance to find themselves and gain confidence heading into that game.  For Michigan State [who last year blew a lead in this game only to win in overtime] it is another painful loss in a history of bad losses. 

THE ACC SUCKS:  Hey, I'll be singing the conference's praises during hoops season....but this football season is gonna suck for 'em.  It isn't even October yet....and only Virginia Tech and, get this, Wake Forest are still unbeaten.  They have no teams in the Top 10.  The closest one, Virginia Tech, was trailing as they entered the 4th quarter against Cincinnati [they ended up winning].  Boston College was beaten by NC State...the same State that were run over by Southern Miss last week and beaten by Akron the week before.  Clemson beat North Carolina 52-7.  Maryland, a program that has completely fallen from grace, beat Florida International 14-10.  Miami was spanked by Louisville and has dropped out of the rankings.  Sure, Wake is a pleasant surprise....but they still have Clemson, BC, FSU and Virginia Tech left on their slate. 

BONDS HITS 734:  He owns the National League record.  Weird, since he broke Hank Aaron's NL mark by hitting a home run in the city Hank started and ended his career in.  Weird, since Hank's final 22 home runs, the ones that Bonds needs to break the all time HR mark, were hit as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.......who then were in the American League but now in the NL. 

MLB PLAYOFF PICTURE:  Pretty easy now, huh?  The AL Wildcard is now just between the Twins and White Sox....though Minnesota is just 1.5 games back of the Tigers.  The Tigers are just 1/2 game back of the Yankees for top mark in the American League...which matters for the home field in the ALCS.  And Oakland will be the AL West winner and #3 seed....and they will take on the AL Central winner [the Yanks will get the wildcard winner].  In the National League, the Mets have the NL home field advantage locked up.  The Cardinals nearly have the NL Central locked up....and most likely be the #3 seed.  The NL West is a fight between the Padres and Dodgers.  The Wildcard??  Essentially it comes down to the Phillies and Dodgers/Padres. 

NHL SEASON LOOMING:  We are just a week away from the start of the NHL weird is that? 

INDEPENDENCE WINS AGAIN:  Independence High School....where the Sportz Assassin attended in the early 1990s...won it's 97th straight football game.  They beat Weddington 44-0 to extend the longest current winning streak and 2nd longest streak all-time for the Charlotte, NC school. 


whatever1296 said...

I could not have said that better myself, regarding the Ryder Cup....
Its exactly what every American golf fan is thinking.

ktmdog said...

Golf is a team game like football is an individual sport. The Ryder cup is irrelevant. Of course, you know me and know I'm not a patriot, so the drubbing the US team meant less than zero to me.

Considering what Notre Dame did to Ty, I'll hate them forever. It hurt my heart to see them comback this weekend. I'm just hoping they continue to struggle.

Congrats to Bonds. Considering how his knee has hurt him this season and how he was batting .232 a few weeks ago, it'll probably surprise you to know that before the game yesterday, he stood 1st in the national league in OBP, 10th in slugging and 4th in OPS. Not bad for a 42 year old!

monponsett said...

Ever since 9-11, it sucks to be American.