Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Tiger Woods Is A MACHINE


Raise that pimp cup high, Tiger.....you are da man!

There is no way this dude is a real man.  Someday, he will fall off his yaucht, into the ocean, and he will short circuit.  He's only won the last five events he has played in.  And 7 of the 14 tournaments he's entered.

Yeah, he's that good.

Since he missed the cut at the US Open a few months ago [his first tournament since he passing of his father], he has been on a tear.  Around that time, there were whispers that Woods was sliding and that the rest of the pack was catching up to him.  The Tiger-ization of courses was affecting him....and that the passing of his father could lead him to not concentrate as much on golf anymore.


The posterboy for a rival for Tiger, Phil Mickelson, has been MIA for the past two months.  His grand slam aspirations have given way to another good year in a Woods' stellar season. 

Of course, it doesn't help when the rest of the tour wets their pants when Tiger goes all......Tiger...on them.  Vijay Singh did have a 3-shot lead over Tiger when the final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship began.  After the first three holes....the lead was gone.  It wasn't like he shot bad, either.  Singh did shoot 3-under-par in the final round of the tournament....which marked just the third time since 1980 that a player held at least a 3-stroke lead heading into the final round of a tournament, shot at least 3-under-par that round....and still lost. 

His next tournament will be the American Express Championship later this month.  He's the defending champion. 


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