Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Miami-Florida State Should Stay on Labor Day


The Miami-Florida State ended the way most of their games end - a defensive struggle in the rain....decided by a FG or less.

Why change that?

Why change?  ESPN.com's Mark Schlabach thinks they should?  Why? The game may be more meaningful later in the year?  How?

Sure, the game could have meaning in the middle of October, when the game used to be scheduled.  Both teams could come in undefeated with a lot on the line.  It could break up the ACC season with the premiere matchup on the conference schedule.  That could be cool.

Except, it is cooler on Labor Day.

Heading into this game, BOTH teams are undefeated [it is their first game].  Both teams players and fans have been prepping for this game.  It sits on Labor Day, giving it the Monday Night Football audience that, really, no other college football game gets all season long. 

And any ACC fan will tell you that a FSU-Miami game holds more meaning at the top of the season.  Sure, it is a big conference game...but they are not in the same division.  Both still can lose this game and win their division....setting up another Miami-FSU game for the ACC Championship in December.  Do we need two games that close together??  Nope.  I think it's better to have them face off at the beginning...then seem them navigate thru the ACC season and see how much they develop when they matchup at the end.  That's drama. 

Much like a movie...where the two main people face off at the beginning....only to watch each other from afar plotting and planning....waiting for the chance to "meet again, at last".

Yeah the game is sloppy.  It is played smack dab in Hurricane season against two notoriously stout defensive programs.  Defenses do tend to mesh quicker than offenses do.  Mr. Shlcabach says that the screw-ups are too bad to watch and that moving the game later who rectify it.  Um, the entire Miami-FSU series has been BUILT on screw ups.  Does "wide-left" and "wide-right" ring any bells????

People like Mr. Schlabach want to schedule a few cupcake games so the teams feel better about themselves.  He's right.  We need more 50 pt blowouts on college football's opening weekend to feel better about ourselves.  Nothing gets us watching more than a Florida State-Troy game....or an enthralling Miami-Florida A&M game.  By the way, those are the matchups for the Noles and Canes this weekend.  We all know that Ohio State and Texas face off this weekend - QUICK, who did both teams play this past Saturday?

Let's just say that they had a more worthy opponent during their practices. 

The NCAA has the football stage this week.  Once Thursday comes, the football world will revolve around the NFL again...with college taking it's Saturday place.  Why not throw a celebratory game out there.  We love that.  Why take it away?

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