Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Okay....How Am I Doing As a Fantasy Writer


This was the first week that I ever was a Fantasy expert.  I've been writing on the The Fanhouse as the Fantasy liason and loving it.  It's fun and I've learned more about fantasy football every day. 

The one thing I've noticed is that of all the writers on the blogging phenom-site....I'm one of the few ones that's counted on to predict the future.  Yep, my reputation isn't on spinning news bites on my favorite team into witty banter.  Nope, I have to break down 32 teams and their players and try to come up with advice on who is worth playing and who should be sitting on the bench.  It's a really tough job....but I'm loving it.

Anyway, I'd like to take an opportunity on this blog to check out how I did in Week 1.  Well, for starters, I am 1-0 in both fantasy leagues I am in....the homegrown one I've been doing for several years and the Sports Bloggers Live league. 

So...what were my hits and misses in my advice I gave on Fantasy Guide Pt 1 and Fantasy Guide Pt 2:


-"Not that Shaun Alexander will have a bad game...he just may not have the elite game that his owners are accustomed to seeing. The Lions do boast a talented front seven who could be able to stuff him a bit. Again, his bad game is better than many backs' best games."

-"With no Ben Roethlisberger and [at best] a gimpy Hines Ward, Willie Parker stands to become the fantasy stud in this game. Parker's had a charmed camp; essentially becoming the main, all-the-time back and getting a nice pay increase. With Pitt running a very limited offense, look for Parker to get most of the work on Thursday. Ronnie Brown should also benefit....as a running game from the Steelers means that the game should be close throughout and he'll get a lot of work too."

-"Hmmm. Let's see. Brett Favre's wild arm going against one of the most opportune defenses in football. Yeah, I think I'd love to have the Bears defense right about now"

-"Another sleeper is Michael Vick, who usually performs very well against the Panthers."

-"Even though he's a tad banged up, I think Brian Westbrook will have a pretty good day. He's a bad matchup for the Texans' linebackers and is well rested heading into this game"

-"Don't get the Texans' #1 ranking in the run department twisted. That was preseason....and the Eagles aren't gonna let that happen. Neither Wali Lundy or Vernand Morency. "

-"Chris Simms is still in development...and should be stifled by a tough Ravens secondary. And that may hurt everyone around him."

-"LaDailian Tomlinson gets to tee off on a bad Raiders defense. I feel that the Bolts will run up a lead on Oakland and then use LT to salt it away.  I think LaMont Jordan could be a bit of a bust. Not to say that he sucks or anything....but I feel the Chargers will get out to a lead that Jordan's rush attack will be limited. Plus, stay away from Aaron Brooks. He looked bad in the preseason and may have to be relied on making a comeback in this game. He forces plays and will force mistakes against this defense. Keep him off your radar. "

-"Well, somebody is going to do something. Why not Titans WR Drew Bennett?? "

-"Easy. Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James. Look for Warner, Fitz and Boldin to light up the Niners secondary and James to punch at least one TD in and be used to run off the clock"

-"Maybe, just maybe, Niners QB Alex Smith can get something going.."

-"The Redskins' defensive aggressiveness has caused some defensive lapses and some big rushing games [on big time plays]. Chester Taylor is a guy that can make them pay. Also, Troy Williamson could come up big on one-on-one coverages deep."


-"Everyone else in the Steelers offense. Charlie Batch isn't a bad QB at all, it is just he's not Roethlisberger."

- "I think the Denver passing attack goes off. Jake Plummer will find Javon Walker and Rod Smith early and often against a shaky Rams secondary."

-"Something tells me that Roy Williams will have a big game."

-" I'm also feeling that Matt Hasselbeck's passes should find the endzone a few times."

-"On the other side, Reuben Droughns gets to run over a very small Saints D-line. This could be a hidden fantasy gem."

-"Ahman Green, I guess, is the starter....but he will find little daylight running behind a horrid offensive line and into a great defense. Plus, he's damaged goods and the Packers will most likely abandon the run after, oh, three series. "

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beatdownbonanza said...

dear ass,
  you couldn't have been so right about being so wrong.
droughns ran 11 times for 27 yards.i hate clevland.i hate droans.
how did i draft him?i coulda had lewis or taylor,but noooooo.
somebody shoot me.