Wednesday, September 6, 2006

More Fodder That NCAA Rankings are Dumb


I hate the BCS....I love the bowl games....I hate the beauracracy which is the rankings system.  So why shouldn't it continue???

Magically right before the Ohio State v Texas game this Saturday....Texas jumps up to the #2 ranking [up one spot].  Ohio State is #1.

Wow.  Who woulda thunk it!

Sure, Notre Dame struggled in in their first game.  Unlike Ohio State, Texas and Auburn....Notre Dame had a real game.  They went to a tough, tough Georgia Tech and faced a team that won AT AUBURN and AT MIAMI last year, then barely lost to Georgia to end the season.  It is a good team...and the Irish beat 'em.

But, Texas launches up to the #2 ranking to set up the earliest matchup between a #1 and #2 team ever.  Just in time for ABC's Saturday night football [not that the game needed any more pimpage]. 

The voting system is a joke.  A huge joke.  It is a joke in basketball too...but since they play a little thing called the NCAA Tournament, all gets forgiven.  Something that should be relegated to fans at the watercooler.....arguments over who is the best actually done by people across this great land who gets about as much information as you and I can get by watching ESPN's College Gameday or something. 

"Hmmm.  Texas smacked up North Texas at home....and Notre Dame beat G-Tech by just 4.  I think Texas is better." 

Just look at the controversy around the poll now.  Both Mack Brown [Texas coach] and Jim Tressel [Ohio State coach] said that they voted for their opponent as the #1 team in the nation. turns out that Tressel was he really ranked his team in the top spot.  Sorry.  Now there is some double-speak going on....where Tressel is saying he just went along with the preseason poll that had them #1. aren't voting from your own knowledge.....just going with the flow, eh?

The voting sucks.  Two reasons.  In the coach's poll [which is figured into the BCS], how in the heck can a coach sit back and watch all 100+ programs and rank them accordingly??????  They can' they just do a jumble with the last poll....sliding down teams that loss and moving up teams that win.  You and I can do that.  So...aren't we just as qualified???

Plus with the BCS system and the money that's thrown around....isn't it in the school's best interest to rank their opponents......mainly their conference foes.....higher in the rankings???  By Texas being the #2 team now, an Ohio State win looks better and will be a staple in the ratings later in the year.  I mean, the more ranked teams you play....the better your standings will look later.  Plus, the higher conference teams are rated....the more likely they'd end up as an at large team in a BCS game - and that means money in the pockets of every school in the conference.....including the voting schools.


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