Tuesday, September 19, 2006

NFL Week 2


COWBOYS 27-REDSKINS 10 [Sportz 1-0 this week, 11-6 this season]:  What disgusts me more?  The fact that the Skins offense looks about as bad as it did when Heath Shuler was running it....or that the Boys ran up my Skins while T.O. did next to nothing?  Mark Brunell looks like one of those 40 year old washed up QBs that you only see in those "Necessary Roughness" type movies.  He's only 36.  I also think he needs glasses as he can't see anyone further than 8 yard down the field.  If the Skins don't beat the Texans next week.....then it might be his last start as a Redskin.

FALCONS 14-BUCCANEERS 3 [Sportz 2-0, 12-6]:  Atlanta likes running the football.  They did it well on Sunday.  Michael Vick is back to his old freelance ways as he and Warrick Dunn are tearing up the NFC South.  They are now 2-0 with both the Bucs and Panthers at 0-2. 

BEARS 34-LIONS 7 [Sportz 3-0, 13-6]:   Those Bears sure are offensive juggernauts eh? 

BENGALS 34-BROWNS 17 [Sportz 4-0, 14-6]:  This was the 2nd mismatched Battle of Ohio game during the weekend [the first was Ohio State-Cincinnati].  Nice to see Chad Johnson get popped. 

SAINTS 34-PACKERS 27 [Sportz 5-0, 15-6]:  Don't look now, but the N'Awlins Saints are 2-0 with both wins coming on the road.  And they have an emotional Monday night game next week in New Orleans just over a year after Katrina. 

COLTS 43-TEXANS 24 [Sportz 6-0, 16-6]:  Houston has still never beaten Indy.  And that Peyton guy is pretty good.

BILLS 16-DOLPHINS 6 [Sportz 6-1, 16-7]:  Miami falls again, giving them a surprising 0-2 mark.  The Phins offense still doesn't look very crisp. 

VIKINGS 16-PANTHERS 13 [Sportz 6-2, 16-8]:  Speaking of not looking crisp, the Panthers are a mess.  Jake Delhomme is a madman out there....yelling and screaming constantly.  Their running game isn't there and their defense has been bullied in the run game.  They have a huuuuuge game next week in Tampa. 

GIANTS 30-EAGLES 24 [Sportz 6-3, 16-9]:  Thank you New York.  The Giants magical comeback win over Philly left my 0-2 Redskins just one game back of first place.  We also need to remind Philly to play the entire game. 

RAVENS 28-RAIDERS 6 [Sportz 7-3, 17-9]:  I guess Randy Moss was right.  It is crazy in Oakland.

NINERS 20-RAMS 13 [Sportz 7-4, 17-10]:  How 'bout them Niners???  It isn't like beating the Seahawks....but it is something to build on.

SEAHAWKS 21-CARDINALS 10 [Sportz 8-4, 18-10]:  Not the shootout most people thought....but still put Arizona in their place. 

BRONCOS 9-CHIEFS 6 [Sportz 9-4, 19-10]:  I don't wish to discuss this steaming pile of crap.

PATRIOTS 24-JETS 17 [Sportz 9-5, 19-11]:  My upset pick neeeeeeearly happened. 

CHARGERS 40-TITANS 7 [Sportz 10-5, 20-11]:  Maybe this is the season that San Diego makes that big step.  Sure, pounding the Raiders and Titans aren't really mindboggling.....but the fact they've been so impressive doing so has me buying in.

JAGUARS 9-STEELERS 0 [Sportz 10-6, 20-12]:  Again, I don't want to admit I watched this thing.

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theartofmassage said...

I couldnt have said it better!!!!  Im not sure what Gibbs was thinking by giving up the play calling part of his job. He must not understand yet that the NEW NFL breed of players dont look to coaches for LEADERSHIP as they once did. Besides Brunnel's seriously shitty job as our QB.....the play calling could have been better nad just cause Portis is injured doesn't mean we shouldnt still be able to win. ONE man DOESNT MAKE a Team and ONE man SHOULD NEVER break a team. Unlike the Eagles the cowpies obviously understand that concept Since TO did very little and they still seemed to pull a win out.
Thanks for the forum!!  Tracie Hoenig, CMT