Friday, December 23, 2005

While I Am Away......

*TONY DUNGY'S SON COMMITS SUICIDE.  Man, that is something that no one can get over.  I mean, your 18 year old son takes his own life.  That has to be the worst feeling anyone could ever suffer.  My condolances to the Dungys. 

*JOHNNY DAMON WEARS PINSTRIPES.  This, again, solifies my theory that everyone becomes a Yankee at some point.  And that rivalries are really only made by fans now.  I mean, Red Sox fans have seen Wade Boggs and Roger Clemens go pinstripes...and now Damon.  And this was a week after Nomar was rumored to be heading to New York.  So this "rivalry" truly is just a fan thing, huh?  I still can't see Damon running around center field of Yankee Stadium in the home white. 

*NBA GOES WILD!!!  Kobe scores 62.  Iverson goes for 53 on the same night Vince Carter hits 51.  And in a few days, Shaq and Kobe face off the same day as the Spurs and Pistons meet again.  I love this game!!!!

*NAIMSMITH'S LEAVIN'S.  The family of Dr. James Naismith is selling the original 13 rules for putting a ball in a peach basket for......$10M.

*FED EX DROPS DAUNTE.  You knows those dumb commercials in which some guys try to figure out their shipping needs and use some lame football cliche??  Then Jerome Bettis, Joe Montana or Daunte Culpepper come running out to tell them to use FedEx.  Well, Daunte ain't running out no more.  With him being charged in the Sex Cruise case....FedEx won't be using the Culpepper spot anymore. 

*THE CRAPPY BOWL SEASON BEGINS.  Don't get me wrong.  I am all for having as many bowl games as you can.  It is a great time for these kids, their alumni, the cities...and it gives these kids just one more game on a big stage.  Now, that's not to say that many people are watching.  Most people checking out the Ft Worth Bowl matchup of Kansas and Houston either (a) are fans of the schools, (b) live near Ft Worth or (c) have money on the game.  My biggest gripe is that we need a one bowl minimum for cities.  Orlando cannot have the Champs Bowl and the Citrus Bowl.  San Diego doesn't need two bowls.  Neither did New Orleans.  Why not St. Louis?  Why not Washington?  Why not New York?  Sure, DC and New York are cold weather cities...but you know that alumni won't mind traveling to those places.  And that is all a bowl game is designed to do.  Right Boise???

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