Thursday, December 29, 2005

Skins, Cowboys and Steelers Make The Playoffs

There are many races up for grabs this weekend.  There are the division races in the NFC East and NFC South.  There are the playoff races in both which there are only FOUR spots remaining.  There is also the race for the #1 pick in the draft.  A Houston loss simplifies things as their 2-14 record could not be matched.  But if Houston wins and the Texans, Niners, Packers, Saints and Jets are all 3-13....strength of schedule determines who gets the #1 pick in the draft [odds are the Saints would get that #1 pick]. 

REDSKINS AT EAGLES.  A Redskins win puts them in the playoffs...and a Giants loss gives them the NFC East.  And while the Eagles have issues...this won't be a cakewalk.  A few weeks ago, Philly took the G-men to overtime before bowing out.  Not to mention that the Skins hope that Mark Brunell will be good enough to go in the game.  The best thing Washington can do is jump on Philly early...just as they did against Dallas and New York...and make the Eagles essentially roll over and let Portis run the game out.  Do that...and I'll be blogging about the Skins next week.  Redskins 24-13

PANTHERS AT FALCONS.  A Carolina win puts them in the playoffs.  If Tampa loses as well...then the Panthers are NFC South champions.  This one will be tough.  Carolina is 1-9 in the Georgia Dome and has struggled against Vick historically.  However, they did a great job on Vick in their first meeting a few weeks back.  And for those people who say that Atlanta has nothing to play are wrong.  An Atlanta win puts them at 9-7 and would give the Falcons their first back-to-back winning seasons in franchise history.  Carolina has struggled with bad receiver play, turnovers, mistakes and running DeShaun Foster into the ground.  Falcons 24-21

RAMS AT COWBOYS.  Dallas must win this game AND have either Washington or Carolina lose [it wouldn't hurt if Tampa lost, either].  After a spirited and emotional win in Charlotte last weekend, Dallas seems to have a little bit of momentum heading into this game.  St. Louis has they were beaten by the Niners AT HOME making the Rams two of the three wins the Niners got this year.  Cowboys 27-13

SAINTS AT BUCCANEERS.  A Tampa win nets them the NFC South title.  A loss and it takes some miracles for them not to get a playoff spot.  I don't see Tampa losing this game.  They've looked pretty solid the last several weeks and the Saints are dragging across the finish line.  I doubt New Orleans will put up much of a many of them are just going to be relieved to end this nightmarish season.  Buccaneers 34-10

GIANTS AT RAIDERS (Saturday).  A Giants win gets them the NFC East title.  A loss coupled with a Redskins win makes the Giants a wildcard.  This won't be a totally easy game...but Oakland seems to have mailed it in already.  They've played worse than any team this month and seem to be ready to go home.  Giants benefit.  Giants 34-13

LIONS AT STEELERS.  A Pittsburgh win gets them in the playoffs.  The Lions have played a bit better of late...but the Steelers are too strong.  Steelers 26-10

BENGALS AT CHIEFS.  A Bengals win clinches the #3 seed [a loss with a Pats win puts them #4].  Kansas City must win this game and hope for losses by Pittsburgh and San Diego.  This should be a great offensive show.  Can the Bengals [who aren't a great run defense] slow down the hot Larry Johnson??  Can the Chiefs [who's defense stinks] be able to contain Carson Palmer??  Probably no on both counts.  But Kansas City is so tough at home at this time of the year...are hungrier...and will get the win.  Chiefs 41-38

BRONCOS AT CHARGERS (Saturday).  An odd game.  This game is meaningless to both teams...but meaningful to the Chiefs and Steelers.  If San Diego wins this game on Saturday...then the Steelers know they are in the playoffs and the Chiefs will be done.  How?  If the Steelers, Chiefs AND Chargers are 10-6....San Diego first eliminated Kansas City, then becomes eliminated by Pittsburgh.  The onlychance KC has is if San Diego is not in the equation.  Needless to say, this game will be huge in Missouri and western Pennsylvania.  Broncos have clinched the #2seed, so they'll be resting people.  Chargers 30-20

DOLPHINS AT PATRIOTS.  A Pats win and a Bengals loss gets them the #3 seed....otherwise is a #4 seed.  Miami has been hot of late...but is going nowhere.  Look for New England to stay focused heading into the playoffs.  Patriots 22-14

CARDINALS AT COLTS.  Look for the Colts' starters to get even less work.  The difference this week is that they are playing Arizona.  Colts 24-20

TITANS AT JAGUARS.  Will this be Steve McNair's last game as a Titan?  Will it be David Garrard's last start this season for the Jags??  Jaguars 27-20

SEAHAWKS AT PACKERS.  Will it be Brett Favre's final game?  Well, his old coach, Mike Holmgren, will be on hand at Lambeau to see how it plays out.  I think with Seattle resting everyone..that Favre will have a magical game.    Packers 21-17

BEARS AT VIKINGS.  Yeah...Chicago is the #2 seed.  Isn't that weird??  Odds are that Chicago will play many of it's starters on offense....aside from Thomas get Rex Grossman some more action.  However, Mike Tice is fighting to keep his job, as our some players on the Vikings team.  Vikings 17-14

RAVENS AT BROWNS.  Oh, the former Browns meet the current Browns.  Ravens 24-16

BILLS AT JETS.  I still have no idea how Buffalo beat Cincinnati last week.  If they did that, they surely can win in New York.  Bills 13-10

TEXANS AT NINERS.  Houston's dreams will come true.  Niners 26-16

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