Saturday, December 24, 2005

Welcome to the SPONSORSHIP Bowl!!


If you don't know by now, this is the final time you will see the PEACH BOWL.  Next year, it is the CHIK-FIL-A BOWL. Sure, it's been the Chik-fil-A Peach Bowl for about 8 years now....but it's still the Peach Bowl in all reality.  But in our time, those names get bought up as quickly as you can say Ebay.

It started about a decade ago, when John Hancock went from just sponsoring the SUN BOWL to buying the naming rights.  The HANCOCK BOWL lasted just a few years [it's now the Sun Bowl again], but the seeds of change were planted. 

The HALL OF FAME BOWL is now known as the OUTBACK BOWL.



The MOBILE BOWL is now the GMAC BOWL. 

It really burned my hide when the ancient CITRUS BOWL turned into the CAPITAL ONE BOWL.  Now, some second tier credit card company has their own bowl.  Only the Cotton, Orange, Sugar and Rose Bowls have been played longer than the Tangerine/Citrus/Cap One Bowl. long will it be before the FIESTA BOWL turns into the TOSTITOS BOWL??  Honestly.  Or the SUGAR BOWL into the NOKIA BOWL?  How about the ORANGE BOWL turning into the FEDEX BOWL??  Even the ROSE BOWL gets a sponsorships now. 

And I don't mind sponsorships getting into the mix.  I don't mind the Toyota GATOR BOWL or the Sega LAS VEGAS BOWL.  But I do mind the naming of these bowls.  Even the city bowls.  No New Orleans Bowl or Houston Bowl or Ft Worth Bowl or Hawaii Bowl.  Come up with some name....any name!! 

We have the MUSIC CITY BOWL...the MOTOR CITY BOWL....the EMERALD BOWL...ALAMO BOWL....the LIBERTY BOWL.  Houston, why not bring back the Bluebonnet Bowl????  Hawaii, bring back the Aloha Bowl!!! 

So, this month, your bowl games will be brought to you by an electronics company [Pioneer], a hotel chain [Sheraton], another hotel chain [Gaylord], a car manufacuterer [GMAC], another manufacturer [General Motors], another car company [Toyota], a credit card company [Capital One], another credit card company [MasterCard], yet another credit card company [Citi], a car care center [Meineke], another car care center [Auto Zone], a shipping company [FedEx], a chip company [Tostitos], a credit union [SD Credit Union], a sporting goods store [Champs Sports], a technologies company [Insight], a computer company [MPC], a snacked nuts company [Emerald], an insurance company [Pacific Life], a hair care company [Vitalis], a chicken sandwich resteraunt [Chik-fil-A], an internet store [EV1],  two communications companies [Nokia and AT&T] and an Austrailian themed restraunt [Outback].

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