Sunday, December 4, 2005

Carolina Tames Kentucky


My beloved Heels went into Kentucky and stunned the Wildcats 83-79.  It surprised everyone....including me.

UNC lost pretty much everything from a National Championship squad....yet were able to do something that no one on that team had ever in Lexington.  After falling behind 16-10....Carolina went on a 34-16 run to end the first half.  In the second half, the Heels staved off two frantic Kentucky runs to preserve the win.

Last season holdovers David Noel and Reyshawn Terry had excellent games.  Terry scored a career high 25 points [dude dominated the game like a star]...and Noel made a huge 3-pt shot late and had a dramatic dunk for a third of his 15 points.   He also nabbed SEVEN offensive rebounds.

But those freshman played well.  Bobby Frasor played excellent.  He was checked by Rajon Rondo all afternoon....yet Rondo recorded no steals.  That had never happened in Rondo's short career with Kentucky.  Frasor also calmly nailed a couple a FTs late.  Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green performed well....and while super freshman Tyler Hansbrough didn't really score much [just 1-5 shooting], he did grab 10 rebounds and shut down the lane. 

Big win for Carolina.  It gives this young team a ton of confidence as it goes forward with the season.  The rest of their pre-conference slate includes St. Louis, Santa Clara, at USC, UNC-Asheville and Davidson.....all winnable games. 


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Anonymous said...

Nice early season win for your Heels, Sportz.  It was my first chance to watch them this year and them seem very, well, young... but energized and exciting.  Just a note: homeboy dunking in that photo was actually rejected by the rim.

Go Terps! F Duke!