Wednesday, December 7, 2005

The Mayor Is Gone


Just a few days ago, Cincinnati welcomed in a new mayor, Mark Mallory, to replace Charlie Luken.  After today, Cincinnati has another mayor to find a replacement for.

Sean Casey is gone kids.

Sean Casey was dealt to the Pittsburgh Pirates for LHP Dave Williams.  It does fill a the Reds desperately need some pitching help.  And moving Casey opens up first base....most likely for Adam Dunn....and lets Ken Griffey, Austin Kearns and Wily Mo Pena play in the outfield everyday.  But that still means the Reds lose Casey.

While Junior is the superstar and Dunn is the masher....Casey was The Mayor.  He was popular with the fans and his teammates.  The one ballplayer that fathers could tell their sons to be like.  He's also been on the Reds longer than any current player [Casey will be just as popular with the he grew up in Pittsburgh]. 

But this move was, of course, about money.  Casey is due to earn over $8M next season.   Williams will make around 300K.  Quite a big difference in change. 

Thank God the Reds pulled this off during the Bengals greatest run in 15 years....or this would really peeve off the city. 

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