Saturday, December 10, 2005

Keep On Truckin' - Week 13

I am 137-55 in the Pigskin Pick' me a full 10 game lead over Premature Jockularity.  But, that just some ol' blogging people.  What about those "experts".

SI's Peter King is 117-71 [I guess he didn't pick 4 games somewhere during the season] I have an 18-game lead on him [Peter King's Weekend Pickoff...]

How about the folks at ESPN [ - NFL - NFL Expert Picks].  Sean Salisbury is leading the pack 135-57.  That's TWO game below me, the Sportz Assassin.  I'm even beating Chris Mortenson by 7 games [he is 130-62]

Well....enough gloating...on with the picks. 


REDSKINS AT CARDINALS.  Jamie Mottram picked the Skins as his #6 seed in the NFC playoffs.  Even Sports Illustrated's Peter King feels the same way.  And I am starting to believe them.  With just 4 games left...the Skins are just one game back of the Vikings and Cowboys in the NFC wildcard standings...and the Skins hold the tiebreaker over both.  Not to mention that the Skins get the Cowboys one more time in DC.  What I am saying is that their fate is in their own hands.  They get the tough Giants at home, too....and travel to lowly Philly for the final game. 

But, first, the game at Arizona.  Is it me, or do we play Arizona every year???  I mean, are they NOT in the Redskins division anymore??  Yet we always play them.  The Skins are the better team...but the Cards scare me.  We tend not to play our best in Zona and the Cards have that big game capability that burns that Redskins defense. 

You see the 6-6 Redskins record and take them as average.  No.  Who are the top two teams in the NFC??  Chicago (9-3) and Seattle (10-2).  Washington has beaten both of them. 

Also, the Chargers, Raiders and Buccaneers losses should've swung the Skins way.  And that loss to the Broncos could've been avoided too.  Essentially, the Redskins have only been truly "beaten" by the Giants....but have only truly "beaten" the Niners.  So, assume that this game will be another nail-biter...but Rackers won't get a chance to pull it out for the homeboys.  Redskins 17-14

How's about the rest of Week 14.....

CHIEFS AT COWBOYS.  I hate to say this...but I just don't understand why all these people are assuming Kansas City will win this game.  Sure, Dallas has lost to Denver and the G-men the past two weeks...but I don't think the Chiefs are as good as either of those two.  Also, Dallas historically plays well, at home, when they need to get that victory.  Remember, Dallas coulda-shoulda had Denver beat and did shut down Eli Manning.  I say Cowboys 28-23

COLTS AT JAGUARS.  Screw the Pats...the Jaguars play the Colts as tough as anyone.  In fact, Jacksonville has been the closest team to beat Indy this year.  The Colts needed a late TD plus a big defensive play late to beat the Jags early this season.  But, no shot.  Colts wrap this thing up now.  Colts 26-16

BUCCANEERS AT PANTHERS.  If Tampa loses this game...they have no real shot at winning the NFC South.  Charlotte is a tough place to head into and win....and Carolina looked awesome in disposing Atlanta there last week.  Panther fans [including my mom, dad, sister, nieces and brother-in-law], the division is there for the taking.  Seize it!!  Panthers 24-14

BEARS AT STEELERS.  Big game for the Bears.  Huge game for the Steelers.  Chicago needs a win to stay ahead of Carolina for that first round bye...not to mention trying to keep those surging Vikings [yah!!!] at bay.  The Steelers have a ton of work ahead of them just to get into the playoffs.  They need this game badly.  I think they get it.  Steelers 20-13

DOLPHINS AT CHARGERS.  C'mon, Chris Chambers, have a great game!!!  Chargers will with though.  Chargers 30-17

PATRIOTS AT BILLS.  New England, despite all the injuries and what-not, are still the champs...and will be in the playoffs.  The Bills are giving their last hurrahs...and JP Losman is trying to convince people that he can take over this franchise.  Buffalo will be game...but the Pats win.  Patriots 20-10

RAMS AT VIKINGSSure, the Vikings have benefitted from some un-quality opponents of late...but who cares??  Getting to the playoffs is better than matter who you play.  And it isn't like Chicago hasn't had the exact same schedule all year long.  Vikings 27-13

GIANTS AT EAGLES.  Sorry, but no NFC East team has any remorse for the Eagles.  Five years of domination netted just one Super Bowl appearance.  Glad that party was worth it!!  Giants 27-16

BROWNS AT BENGALS.   Cleveland put up a fight in the opener...but that's when 32 teams have hope.  Half do now...and Cleveland ain't one of them.  And, finally, Cincinnati doesn't get one of these non-biggest-games-of-their-season contests.  Bengals 34-13 

NINERS AT SEAHAWKS.  See the Cleveland-Cincinnati take above.  Seahawks 34-13

RAVENS AT BRONCOS.  Again, great team plays bad team.  Broncos 34-13

RAIDERS AT JETS.  Um...wasn't this supposed to be a really good game???  Raiders 24-10

TEXANS AT TITANS.  This has to be the worst game of the season.  And odd as it is to say this...but Houston is playing better right now.  The NFL might want to look at the Texans' uncanny ability to tank games in the 2nd half.  I guess they really want that #1 badly.  Titans 14-13

LIONS AT PACKERS.  The thing to watch in Green Bay is (a) seeing Brett Favre for, possibly, the last time....(b) seeing if Mike Sherman gets canned....and (c) seeing if Sherman has the nads to bench Favre for the future, Aaron Rodgers.  Packers 17-14

SAINTS AT FALCONS.  I really think that everyone associated with the Saints are just praying that this nightmarish season closes soon.  Falcons 31-16

Seahawks*  11-2
Panthers*  10-3
Bears*  9-4
Giants*  9-4
Buccaneers  8-5
Cowboys  8-5
Falcons  8-5
Vikings  8-5
Redskins  7-6
Eagles  5-8
Rams  5-8
Cardinals  4-9
Lions  4-9
Packers  3-10
Saints  3-10
Niners  2-11

Colts*  13-0
Bengals*  10-3
Broncos*  10-3
Patriots*  8-5
Jaguars  9-4
Chargers  9-4
Chiefs  8-5
Steelers 8-5
Dolphins  5-8
Raiders  5-8
Bills  4-9
Browns  4-9
Ravens  4-9
Titans 4-9
Jets  2-11
Texans 1-12

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