Friday, December 2, 2005

Survivor: Episode XII


This was written by my wife, Mrs Sportz Assassin [aka BudweiserQueen] from her Survivor Blog: Survivor: Guatemala - Bravenet Web Journal.  So, enjoy!!!


MOST LIKED:                STEPH
MOST HATED:               LYDIA & DANNI

Before I start, I would like to respond to your comments on the tagboard Fine Asset.
First of all, thanks for reading and thanks for posting your opinions, I love reading other peoples thoughts on the game.

"Lydia works her ass off while many of the others are sitting on there asses in the camp"

They sit on their asses because THEY CAN.
Why go to all that trouble when you KNOW that Lydia is going to do it to try to secure her place in the tribe?
They use that to their advantage, hell I know I would!!

"Steph wouldn't be able to sit on the steps eating all the time staying strong if not for Lydia"

I don't believe that.  I believe they would be fine without her.  Let's not forget that Steph has been down that road in Palau, she can take care of herself.  But like I said, why waste time when you KNOW Lydia is going to do it?!!

I love Steph.  I think I'm pulling for her because last season I was so pissed that she got voted out.  I don't think ANYONE from Palau deserved to win anymore than she did.
Apparently, most of America must've agreed because she got to come back and try again.

Now, do I think she has a shot to win this one? As much as I would like to say yes, no I don't.
Even if she makes it to the final two, I don't think she has a shot for the million.
If Steph doesn't win, I would like to see Cindy or Rafe get it.

speaking of Rafe....

I found out through a blog I read....that he's gay!!! LMAO
No I'm just kidding!!  I found out his boyfriend is Stephen Busken, the son of the CEO of
Busken Bakery here in Cincinnati.  Busken is the shiznit, in case you didn't know!! LoL
There were some pics of  some baked goods w/ Rafe's face on them.

ok, on with the post.................

Reward Challenge:  LOVED ONES AUCTION
Each tribemate received money to bid on  items.

Rewards:  Beef Jerky for Danni.  Cookies and milk for Cindy.  Philly cheese Steak sandwich for Danni and Rafe.  Mosquito net for Lydia.  Sealed immunity envelope for Danni which gave her an advantage in the Immunity Challenge.  A loved one visit for Judd with his wife - he invited Stephenie and her boyfriend and Cindy and her twin sister.  

I was very surprised that Lydia gave all her money to Steph to help her try to win a night with her boyfriend.

I just love Cindy!!  She gave Judd all his money and he won the overnight stay with his wife.

Judd got to pick 2 people to have their loved ones stay. 
WOW! that was heartbreaking, I was torn.
I knew he had to pick Cindy, it would've been a total dick move if he didn't.
Rafe or Steph, it was a toss up who I wanted to win more.
In the end he chose Steph.

Rafe was awesome about it though, props to him for that.  He was an emotional wreck at first, but he never dwelled on the fact that he didn't get it.
He put on a game face and went about his business.
MAD PROPS for that Rafe!!

Judd on spending the night w/ his wife:
"It's like eating 25 White Castle cheeseburgers."

Interesting comparison, when my Hubby eats any White Castles,


(you who know about sliders, know what I'm saying) LOL

Immunity Challenge:  WATCH YOUR STEP
One at a time, players make a move on the giant multi-level playing board. Flip a tile to the red side, and step onto it. Once a tile has been flipped and stepped on, it cannot be used again. In addition, the top level is a spinning platform to be used for strategic repositioning on the board.

Danni bought a clue to the immunity challenge during the reward auction.
She got to open her sealed envelope right as the challenge started.
She got to switch places with any player one time during the game.
Obviously, we knew she was going to win this challenge.

Steph had a nice thing going, Danni used her pass to switch with her once she ran out of moves.

Immunity Challenge Winner:   Danni

had she not won, she would've so been going home

Speaking of Danni...........

Do any men read this blog?!!


Look at that pic!!  What is hot about that?! 
Is anorexia hot?! LoL
She pretty much came into the game looking that way!


And then Danni begins to weasel her way into the alliance.........

The camp took on a new dynamic when the tribe returned from the Challenge. With Danni wearing the Immunity necklace, the once-solid "plan B" to vote out Lydia came into question. While grinding corn, Stephenie asked Danni what Judd was talking about earlier up on the ruins with Lydia. Danni told Stephenie that Judd was talking about voting off the strongest players. This instantly put Judd's loyalty in to question, and Stephenie noted, "I believe Judd for the most part, but he has made it clear he is playing the game and is going to win. He's already been caught in quite a few lies, and Danni really hasn't lied at all."

Moments later, Stephenie revealed to Rafe what she had heard from Danni. Stephenie proposed they vote Judd out, but Rafe was not so sure that was the right thing to do. When Rafe, Stephenie and Danni convened behind the Maya ruins, it was clear Danni had now become a major player in the game. Stephenie and Rafe were convinced by Danni that Judd was going to try to vote one of them out. The three of them discussed bringing Lydia in and voting out Judd while at the same time not telling Cindy for fear she would reveal the plan to Judd. Stephenie explained, "Judd and I have been really close, but if someone is going to slit your throat because you like their company, hell no, they got to go." Danni was hopeful she had cracked the long-standing alliance when she said, "Hopefully my plan will work to rat Judd out."

I agree with the vote Judd out idea, but Danni has got to go, she's really gonna mess things up, and if she gets to the final two, I bet money that Danni will win it.

Tribal Council:

Judd Sergeant, the NYC hotel doorman, had the door slammed shut on his Survivor dream when his alliance turned on him. A disappointed and bitter Judd called the other Survivors "scumbags" as he departed the Tribal Council area. The 4-2 vote made Judd the fourth person to join the Jury and the thirteenth person voted out of SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA.

Cindy -  Lydia
Danni -  Judd
Judd -  Lydia
Lydia -  Judd
Rafe -  Judd
Stephenie -  Judd

Voted Out:   Judd Sergeant

"I hope you all get bit by a freaking crocodile. Scumbags!" grumbled Judd Sergeant, the 34 year-old hotel doorman from Ridgefield, New Jersey, after being blindsided by his alliance.


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