Friday, December 2, 2005

Is This The Worst NBA Game Of All Time???

Tonight, the Toronto Raptors head to Atlanta to face the Hawks in what is statistically known as the worst game in NBA history.


The Raptors are 1-15.  The Hawks are a robust 2-12.  Their combined records are 3-27....a 10% winning percentage....which it statiscally the worst combined records for two team that have played a combined 30 games or more. 

The last time the Raptors saw the was hosting Memphis in a 92-66 loss.  Yeah, 66 points.  Ugh!  They've yet to win a road game....and they're currently on a 6-game losing skid. 

In an odd twist...the lone victory for Toronto came against the Miami Heat.  One of Atlanta's wins came in Indiana.  Both teams will be at the top of the Eastern standings when all is said and done. 

By comparison, the Hawks are a great team.  They've got twice as many wins, nearly beat the Blazers a few days ago, have a legit star in Joe Johnson and they don't play in Canada.  The Hawks also have youngsters Marvin Williams, Salim Stoudamire, Josh Smith and Josh Childress to build with Johnson.  Of course, they finished with the worst record in the NBA last season.....even worse than the EXPANSION Charlotte Bobcats who are in the same division.  Oh, and the Bobcats are above them again. 

Maybe this game should be dubbed the "Rudy Gay Sweepstakes!". 

For Atlanta, they might not have another opportunity for a win for quite some time.  They take a roadie out to Phoenix, Denver and Utah after this....then come home to San Antonio...before heading to Cleveland and Philly.  Toronto moves on to Jersey and Washington before hosting the Lakers....then goes to Charlotte. 

These teams do get to see each other three more times....which means someone will get three more wins. 

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Anonymous said...

Joe Johnson a legit star?  We have one hell of a watered down league then.  

Maybe I'm the eternal pessemist, but Toronto's Villaneuva, Bosh, and Graham, seem a lot more likely to fulfill there potential than Atlanta's Childress, Williams, Smith and Johnson.  I'm intrigued by their second round pick Ukic as well based on the slivers of information I have of him.  

The best part of this whole thing?  If we do end up with the first pick we get to take Rudy Gay.  Another forward.  Maybe we'll play him at Center.

I have to admit Gay and Williams could be one hell of a forward combination 5 yaers from now.  But I have faith we'd manage to screw it up.