Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sportz Assassin's Greatest Hits 2005

What a year 2005 was.  Such an eventful year. 

UNC won the NCAA hoops title.  White Sox won the World Series.  NFL TD celebrations are the biggest thing.  The NBA Dress Code and age limit.  The "Mexi-Cam".  A dropped third strike that wasn't.  The nightmare of Hurricane Katrina.  Terrell Owens.  The New NHL.  Raffy getting busted for roids.  England regains the Ashes.  Jerry Rice, Karl Malone and Reggie Miller retire.  Bob Huggins gets canned.  Randy Moss admits he smokes the hippie lettuce.  Ricky Williams tells us he no longer does.  Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France again.  London gets the 2012 Olympics.  The massive NCAA conference realignments happen.  Giacomo wins the Derby. 

The Whizzinator.  The Sex Boat.  The Super Bowl ticket scalping.  The Vikings.

I was a Vivi Award nominee.  "Two Minute Warning" launched.  We lost Wellington Mara, Sam Mills, Jason Collier, Thomas Herrion and George Mikan.

And we had a lot of other things to discuss this past year....but I've put together my 10 favo rite blog entries from this past year...out of the, so far, 341 I have written.  Please check it out and relive with me some of the odd stories that made us laugh and cry.....


Also...check out my 2004 top entries on my : SPORTZ ASSASSIN'S GREATEST HITZ!!!

Oh...and for one of my favorite non-Sportz takes...check out Monponsett's Once you Go White... take about the White Guy All Star Game.  Um...there are a lot of guys with the letter Z in their names.

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Anonymous said...

As far as NBA white guys go, Kidd and Bibby are a tough call. Kidd is so smooth with the ball, his blue eyed soul boots him off the white guy team. Bibby, as long as he hangs out with Bonzi Wells instead of Brad Miller (or worse, Stojakovic), should maintain Black Guy status.