Friday, December 9, 2005

George Coztanza Is A Smart Man


George Coztanza is one of the best and brightest bloggers on AOL.  Read his blog here:  Coztanza's Commentary.  It has been from the beginning...and will always continue to my Favorite Links to the side. 

There are times in which I won't blog on a certain topic, since George has pretty much nailed it on the head.  He sees a lot of things in sports in the same way that I I tend to agree with his opinions a lot.  Such as this time.  He, like me, is opposed to the BCS and want it gone.  He said this in his blog entry titled How The BCS Messed Up This Year

"Another point which is overlooked is that while the Longhorns and the Trojans have distinguished themselves, there are other teams deserving of a chance to prove themselves. Why aren't Penn State, Oregon, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Georgia, or other top teams given a chance to compete for the title? Sure one could argue that they had their chance but lost. However, Auburn, Utah, and Boise State were undefeated in the 2004 regular season but still were told to play in lesser bowls. What if the NFL had a system like this? Would it be good to just advance to the Super Bowl after the regular season with a Colts-Seahawks matchup and send the Bengals, Panthers, Bears, Giants, Broncos, and Patriots to play in glorified exhibition games? That's what the BCS does. More than two teams deserve a chance to prove that they're the best on the field."

I couldn't agree more.  And to embellish on George's post...I thought I'd make a run on his point of the "Colts-Seahawks" take. 

If the NFL employed the BCS system....then the Colts and Seahawks would be in Super Bowl XL.  Maybe a nice Bengals-Bears game as a side-note.  Or a great Patriots-Giants game.  But the NFL doesn't do that. 

In fact...the last time the NFC and AFC regular season conference champions met in the Super Bowl was waaaaay back in the 1993 season.  The Bills were 12-4 and won the AFC....and the Cowboys were 12-4 and won the NFC.  That's TWELVE straight Super Bowls that didn't pit the top teams in each conference.  If it did...we'd have...

Super Bowl XXIX:  Niners vs Steelers.  4-0 vs 4-0 in the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl XXX:  Cowboys vs Chiefs.  Larry Brown would have nothing!!
Super Bowl XXXI:  Packers vs Broncos.  No...that Super Bowl came the next year.
Super Bowl XXXII:  Niners vs Chiefs.  This was the actual Pack-Broncos game. 
Super Bowl XXXIII:  Broncos vs Vikings.  Remember that 15-1 Vikings team?
Super Bowl XXXIV:  Rams vs Jaguars.  No amazing finish like the Titans gave.
Super Bowl XXXV:  Giants vs Titans.  But, that great Ravens defense?!!!
Super Bowl XXXVI:  Rams vs Steelers.  No great Vinatieri kick to win this one.
Super Bowl XXXVII:  Raiders vs Eagles.  Strike One.
Super Bowl XXXVIII:  Patriots vs Eagles.  Strike Two.
Super Bowl XXXIX:  Steelers vs Eagles.  Strike Three!!

None of those games happened.  Why?? There way a playoff.  And while not many people could run off a list like that....that's how the BCS looks. 

In fact, the last 9 years...the top seed that DIDN'T go to the Super Bowl was beaten by the team that actually did [the 1996 Broncos were beaten by the Jags, not Patriots].  And in the last 5 years....only ONCE did the Super Bowl Champion win the conference during the regular season.  ONCE.  And that was the 2003 Patriots who went on to beat the Panthers.  We had that great Ravens defensive team win the 2000 Super Bowl as a #4 seed.  John Elway won his first Super Bowl as a #4 seed. 

The point is....just because you were fortunate to stay on top during the season doesn't mean you are the best team.  Penn State misses out on that chance because of a last second pass in Michigan.  Notre Dame lost two in overtime [Michigan State] and one on the last play of the game [USC].    Oregon's only loss was on one of Reggie Bush's greatest days.  And what if DJ Shockley was healthy for Georgia??  Ohio State lost their two games to the teams currently ranked #2 and #3. 

BCS lovers love to say "every game means something."  Ask the Buccaneers if their opening week win over the Vikings meant something.  That game could be the tiebreaker that lifts Tampa into the postseason.  I say, it gives teams the opportunity to grow.  Like those Vikings.  Now, they are one of the toughest teams in the league...despite that horrid start.

With no football playoff....there is nothing like Villanova's 1985 NCAA tournament title.  Nothing like Syracuse's amazing 2003 run.  The word "Cinderella" doesn't belong in the BCS dictionary. 

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