Saturday, December 3, 2005

Former Redskin Terry Crews Makes It Big

                          Terry Crews

The name Terry Crews may not ring many bells for either football fans or movie buffs....but his picture may.  Crews currently plays the overworked, pennypinching father on UPN's "Everybody Hates Chris".  The show has been a TIVO staple for me and my wife...and Crews is a great reason why we watch.

Whether it is him buying cheap candy for Halloween [Nickers, M&Ns, Butterthumbs], or trying to save money anywhere he can ["Unplug that clock.  That's 2 cents an hour.  You can't tell time when you asleep!"] or bringing home a crate of sausage for the family.....he's a big comic treasure on the show.

And he used to wear the Redskins burgundy and gold. 

Crews was a walk on at Western Michigan University....where he played defensive end.  He was drafted in the 1991 draft by the San Diego the 11th round...281st pick.  He went on to play for the Packers, Rams, Chargers, Eagles and Redskins in the NFL....and stints in NFL-Europe.  His Redskins career was during the Richie Petitbone/Terry Robiske era in the mid-1990s as a reserve outside linebacker. 

He got his acting break on the extreme sports show "Battle Dome" where h played T-Money.  He then got roles in "The 6th Day", "Training Day", "Serving Sara", "Starsky and Hutch" and "Deliver Us From Eva".  But he started to gain a following after stints on "Friday After Next" ["Tupac, you fine!!!"]....."Malibu's Most Wanted" ["I wish I could talk to my pops like that.  I'ma call that n* right now"]......"White Chicks" [lip synching Vanessa Carlton is classic]....and "The Longest Yard" ["it ain't easy bein' cheesy!"]. 

                    Foto: New Line

He's been a favorite of my wife and mine for years now...and I'm glad to say that he was a Washington Redskin.  More the reason to cheer for him. 

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