Monday, December 5, 2005

Twelve Divisional Matchups In Week 13

1-Sportz   (137-55)
2-Pre-Jock (127-65)
3-Lew   (115-61)
4-Monponsett   (122-70)
5-Treesoup   (121-71)
6-Jamie   (109-67)
7-Kiser Blade   (110-66)
8-Raisin   (118-74)
9-George Coztanza (116-76)
10-Yannis   (111-81)

Instead of me breaking down the games [you can go to, or for all of that], I am going to breakdown the ramifications of the games.  And my Redskins...who I have written off as dead the past two weeks...are surprisingly right there in the picture...


REDSKINS 24-RAMS 9 (Sportz 0-1).  WASH:  A big it puts them just one game from a wildcard spot...and the Skins hold tiebreakers.  The Skins get Dallas at home in a couple weeks and a win there gives them the head-to-head against the Boys.  Right now, they have a better conference record than Atlanta and they'd hold the advantage against them as well.  That loss to Tampa could come back to haunt them, however.  STL:  The loss clinched the NFC West for the Seahawks.  And there really isn't much of a shot for the Rams to get into the postseason....barring a 4-0 run to end the season..and a lot of help. 

GIANTS 17-COWBOYS 10 (Sportz 1-1).  NYG:  The win gives the Giants a one-game lead in the division.  DAL:  As of now, the Cowboys would be the #6 seed in the playoffs as they hold the tiebreaker over fellow 7-5 teams Atlanta and Minnesota.  However, they still have a game in Washington and a loss there would really put them behind the 8-ball. 

PANTHERS 24-FALCONS 6.  (Sportz 2-1).  CAR:  The Panthers keep their one game lead over Tampa and extend their lead over Atlanta to two games.  Carolina welcomes in Tampa next week, and a win there would guarantee a 2-game division lead with just 3 games left to play.  Also, a win against Tampa coupled with at Bears loss [they are underdogs] would vault the Panthers to the #2 spot in the standings....a bye week spot.  ATL:  Big loss, as it puts them two games back of Carolina for the division.  Also, as of now, Atlanta isn't in the playoffs.  Dallas owns the tiebreaker among the 7-5 teams right now. 

BUCCANEERS 10-SAINTS 3 (Sportz 3-1).  TAM:  The Bucs keep within a game back of Carolina with a huge showdown in Charlotte next week.  A loss there essentially ends their hopes of winning the division.  Right now, the Bucs are a game up on Minny, Dallas and Atlanta....but they own the tiebreakers against Minnesota and Atlanta.  NO:  The loss eliminated the Saints from the playoffs

BEARS 19-PACKERS 7 (Sportz 4-1).  CHI:  They keep their 2-game lead on Minnesota and their bye week hopes alive with this win.  GB:  The Packers are officially done and have a horrible looking 2-10 record.  Maybe they will be entering the Reggie Bush sweepstakes. 

VIKINGS 21-LIONS 16 (Sportz 5-1).  MIN:  The Vikings stay back of the Bears two games...and they've moved into a tie with Dallas and Atlanta for the final playoff spot.  Quite amazing for a team that was 2-5 and pretty much dead.  DET:  One more loss and they are done.  Not that they've not thrown in the towel already.

CARDINALS 17-NINERS 10 (Sportz 6-1).  ARZ:  The Cards kept their very slim playoff hopes alive.  But one slip up and they are done.  SF:  Looking for Reggie Bush 

BENGALS 38-STEELERS 31. (Sportz 6-2)  CIN:  The Bengals really take control of this division.  They split with Pitt and own a 2-game lead.  And with a home game againstthe Browns this week, a Bengal win gives them the tiebreaker against Pitt.  It also ensured the first winning season in Cincy in 15 years.  PITT:  The loss, for all purposes, ends any shot at winning this division.  So they now have to tussle with the wildcard teams.  The Jags and Chargers beat the Steelers may have to win this thing outright. 

RAVENS 16-TEXANS 15 (Sportz 7-2).  BALT:  Ravens season is done.  HOU:  For the 2nd straight week, the Texans hurried to get that loss so they can draft #1 overall. 


JAGUARS 20-BROWNS 14 (Sportz 8-2).  JAX:  The Jags are currently the toast of the wildcard as they actually own the 2nd best record in the AFC.  Oh, and they play some team called the Colts this week.  CLE:  Waiting for the draft to start. 

COLTS 35-TITANS 3 (Sportz 9-2).  IND:  Ho-hum, they smacked down Tennessee and clinched a playoff berth.  Beating the Jags next week cliches the AFC South.  And if the Broncos lose, they clinch home field in the AFC playoffs.  No big whoop.  TEN:  Playing out the string. 

CHIEFS 31-BRONCOS 27 (Sportz 9-3).  DEN:  After several close calls, Denver finally loses one.  And this one was big since it moves Kansas City and San Diego a game closer.  They still lead the AFC West and winning out gets them a first round bye.  KC:  Big game for the Chiefs, as this puts them in a tie for the final playoff spot...and they still must face the Bolts one more time.  But they have a huge game in Dallas next week. 

CHARGERS 34-RAIDERS 10 (Sportz 10-3).  SD:  The Chargers currently hold that final wildcard spot due to an earlier win over the Chiefs.  And they get one more crack at KC.  San Diego has won 5 in a row and are sitting pretty for a shot at that wildcard.  OAK:  Bad game for a team that needed to win out to have a shot. 

PATRIOTS 16-JETS 3 (Sportz 11-3).  NE:  Despite the relatively poor 7-5 record, the Pats are nicely positioned for a playoff berth.  They've got a 2 game cushion in the division and get Miami at home in cold Foxboro.  NYJ:  Man, can those Texans hold on to a win??  If they did, the Jets would be set for Mr. Leinart!!!!


DOLPHINS 24-BILLS 23 (Sportz 12-3).  MIA:  Great comeback for a team that's season is essentially over.  BUF:  The loss actually did end Buffalo's season. 


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