Monday, December 12, 2005

Don't Feel Dumb About Your Picks

I know.....people will search your blog to see that you have no idea what you are talking about.  I mean, your preseason analysis was completely off base and it looks like you are either talking out of your butt or are regurgitating someone else's info.

Well...let's honk!

Sports Illustrated is one of the leading magazines in the world.  Yet, they really didn't get much right on their preseason picks either [ - 2005 NFL Preview - Scouting Reports].  Here are the teams that currently lead their divisions....and here is what Sports Illustrated pegged them for.

Patriots (11-5).  Well, they hit that loss total a couple weeks back.
Bengals (7-9).  Nope, Cincy has their first 10 win season in 17 years.
Colts (13-3).  Well, how can you screw this one up??
Broncos (7-9).  No one wants to believe in The Plummer
Giants (5-11).  The G-men hit that win mark quite a while back.
Bears (3-13).  In all fairness...who had them at 9-4??
Buccaneers (7-9).  That Carolina Championship pick looks worse all the time.
Seahawks (9-7).  Again, who knew they'd be the NFC's best??

Well, SI did correctly pick the Pats and Colts to win their divisions [whoa]....but also picked the Eagles, Panthers, Vikings, Rams, Ravens and Chiefs to win theirs.  The Eagles, Rams and Ravens will be at home after the holidays and only the Panthers are currently sitting in a playoff chair. 

ESPN's predictions [ - NFL/PREVIEW05 - 2005 NFL predictions] weren't much better. 

*No one picked the Bears to win the NFC North either.
*No one picked the Bengals to win the AFC South.
*Only one person didn't pick the Eagles to win the NFC East.
*Only Chris Mortensen picked the Broncos to win the AFC West. 
*Somebody actually picked the Rams to win the Super Bowl???

Fox Sports didn't do much better [ - NFL- Five-step process for a complete NFL preview].  Of their "five teams guaranteed to make the playoffs"...two have already been eliminated [Jets, Eagles]. 

Of their "five teams ready to take a fall"....well, they did get the Packers right...but they also picked the Seahawks and Broncos.  Seattle is currently the #1 seed in the NFC;  Denver is the #2 seed in the AFC.  I will give them props.  In their "Don't believe the hype teams"...they selected the Cardinals, Lions, Texans and Raiders [along with Tampa]. 

*In their "teams that will be just awful"....they picked the Dolphins [who are 6-7] and Redskins [who are 7-6].  
*My favorite.  In the "if they got hurt, their teams would be crushed" category......Daunte Culpepper.  Since Daunte has been out...the Vikes have won 6 in a row.  Quote: "But, there's no way Johnson matches Culpepper's effect on football games."  Wow.
*"The rest of the NFC East still hasn't caught up with the Eagles, which means there will be another division title to celebrate in Philadelphia."
*"Seattle has enjoyed a nice little run of playoff appearances, but that success could come to an end this season. Unfortunately, this team simply can't beat the Rams. That's bad"

And then you can go to my Pigskin Assassin site...where I made the same dumb picks. 

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