Friday, December 9, 2005

The Survivor Finals Have Been Set

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MOST LIKED:                STEPH
MOST HATED:              DANNI / LYDIA 


Reward Challenge:  SECOND CHANCE
Players must race across a balance beam and untie three sets of macanas. The first three players move on to the second round. At the second stage, the players toss the macana to break a clay tile. The first two to break the tile move on to the final stage. The third stage was a small Maya calendar puzzle. After solving the puzzle, the players must jump into the primitive wooden cart, chop the rope and race to the finish.

Reward:  A new car and a BBQ feast with an overnight stay at an archeologist camp

Reward Challenge Winner:  Cindy


Cindy wins and picks Steph to go with her.


In all the seasons of Survivor, no one who won the car has ever won the million.
Cindy is offered a choice she can keep the car for herself...
or give a car to each of the four other players but none for herself.


That was a tough decision, and ultimately it did end up sealing her fate.
How could you decide something like that on the spot?! lol
I would've given everyone else the car, but then again I have a car already so it wouldn't be that important to me.

Back at camp, Rafe got everyone going on how he couldn't believe Cindy didn't give everyone a car.
The wheels started turning to vote out Cindy.
I guess it really didn't help that Cindy couldn't SHUT THE F UP about the car.
I mean, wtf, I thought she was a smart girl, obviously not, that was the quickest way to get voted out!
I do believe if Cindy was at the final two, she would've won.

Immunity Challenge:  POLE DANCING
Attached to a long rope wrapped around a series of poles and connected with locks, each player must unwind as much rope as possible. The twist: each player's hands and feet were bound in metal shackles.


Immunity Challenge Winner:  Stephenie

Tribal Council:

The Jury (lol nice shirt Bobby Jon)


Cindy -  Rafe
Danni -  Cindy
Lydia -  Cindy
Rafe -  Cindy
Stephenie -  Cindy

Voted Out:   Cindy Hall



Should be interesting.  I can't imagine why anyone on the jury would vote for Steph to win, she
pretty much did the whole jury dirty. LOL

We'll see.............SUNDAY!!

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