Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Brett Favre Should Sit

JAVON WALKER FIRES ROSENHAUS.  Good think ol' Drew still has that big TO contract to look forward to.  Oops.  Javon Walker fired Rosenhaus as his agent...and that was the right move.  The poster boy behind the poster boy for all things wrong with sports should be charged with neglect in Walker's case.  Walker, like Owens [but Rosenhaus clients], was set to hold out from training camp if he didn't get a new deal.  Like Owens, Walker was at camp from the get-go.  And there is where the similarities end.  While Rosenhaus is busy holding TO's news conferences and helping TO pack for Atlanta.....I really haven't seen him propping up Walker.  Why?  Well, Rosehaus' gamble didn't pay off as Walker was injured in the first game of the season.  I guess he wasn't "economically viable". 

FLORIDA MARLINS FIRE SALE.  This is why leagues have salary caps.  For the second time in less than a decade, the Florida Marlins have become the Clearance Sale of the MLB.  Anyone not named Dontrelle or Miguel Cabrera are on the block.  Why doesn't Bud Selig take a look at this??  In the 1970s, Charlie Finley was scolded for selling off his stars in Oakland.  Why wouldn't they look into this???  It is embarassing!!!  Especially for a team that won the World Series just a few years ago. 

BRETT FAVRE SHOULD SIT.  Question.  If your team had an aging vet as your starting QB, a 1st round pick as his backup and you are 2-10 while watching your starter struggle....what would you do??  Most would start the rookie and get his some reps in while the games are meaningless.  Thing is the Packers won't do that.  If he wasn't Brett Favre, he'd be thrown under the bus right now.  Favre had two of the worst interceptions I ever saw last week that if his name was Harrington, he'd been most likely yanked.  Why not start Aaron Rodgers??  He is the future of this that won't include Favre much longer.  Problem is that how do you bench him??  He gives you the best chance to win football games....and he has that consecutive games streak going.  Still, the franchise needs to look at thelong term on this one. 

FLEA'S LAKER BLOG.  As a Laker fan and a blogger...I love to read those Laker blogs.  Well, I came across Michael Balzary's Laker blog.  Balzary is better known as Flea for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Check out his Laker Blog here.  About Kobe Bryant, Flea writes "yes he is one of the best and most skilled players to ever step on the floor but unless he uses his skills wisely to make the team better then he is nothing but a fool."  Break it down, Flea!!!

NORTH CAROLINA IS RANKED #24.  Yep, the first appearance in this season's rankings.  Not that big of a deal...but it lays the foundation for a possible huge season next year. 

ALRIGHT, MY NCAA FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS.  Under my system, the champs of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-10 and SEC get automatic berths.  Then, 4 at large teams get berths.  Here would be my playoff bracket:


West Virginia at Georgia
Auburn at Miami-FL

Auburn/Miami at USC
Oregon at Ohio State
Notre Dame at Penn State
WV/Georgia at Texas

Oregon/Ohio State vs Auburn/Miami/USC
Notre Dame/Penn State vs WV/Georgia/Texas


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