Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Richard Seymour Calls Out Patriot Fans


Seymour gives fans an earful
By Michael Felger
Monday, December 5, 2005 - Updated: 07:29 AM EST
BostonHerald.com - Patriots & NFL: Seymour gives fans an earful

FOXBORO — Richard Seymour ripped into the quiet Gillette Stadium crowd yesterday, saying the Foxboro faithful were “spoiled” and that they made more noise for a visiting Victoria’s Secret model than the three-time Super Bowl champions.

    “It’s really disappointing,” said Seymour following the Patriots’ 16-3 victory over the Jets. “The loudest they ever got was when there was a Victoria’s Secret model (Gisele Bundchen) on the scoreboard. They don’t know when to cheer. You look up and you see half of the stands empty.” 

   Seymour offered the remarks without being asked, indicating a level of frustration that went beyond the words. Several times during the game, the defensive lineman could be seen exhorting the crowd, only to be greeted by relative silence. 

    Seymour’s complaint has been echoed by other Patriots players over the last few years, as the open ends of Gillette and the close proximity of the club-level seats (where many fans opt to stay inside) have conspired to give the Pats one of the worst home-field advantages — in terms of crowd noise — in the NFL. 

    There was one occasion during the 2003 season when a game against Tennessee coincided with a Red Sox playoff game. That led to a weird happenstance where the crowd erupted just after a Steve McNair touchdown run (at the same moment, DavidOrtiz had doubled in the winning run). 

    “They all should have been at the baseball game then,” said Seymour, recalling the story. 

    “Coming from Arrowhead (Stadium in Kansas City) last week, it’s obvious how important the 12th man is,” added Seymour. “That stadium is probably the loudest in the league. So to come from that to this . . .” 

    When asked why the Gillette fans were so quiet, Seymour said: “They’re spoiled.” 

    Linebacker Rosevelt Colvin took a more diplomatic approach. 

    “They pay to see us,” he said, “So they have the right to do what they want.”

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