Saturday, December 3, 2005

Sportz' QB Pressure Cooker

1-COLTS [Peyton Manning].  He's won the MVP two years in a row...and could win it again.  His team hasn't lost a game yet...when every other team has lost at least two.  He's essentially the offensive coordinator for Indianapolis and irreplacable. 

2-PATRIOTS [Tom Brady].  Brady has two Super Bowl MVP awards to go along with his three rings.  And in the Pats toughest season in several years....Brady may be having his finest statistical season. 

3-BENGALS [Carson Palmer].  There are many ways to groom a QB, and Cincinnati found their way to be perfect.  They didn't play him in Year One....built a solid team around him for Year Two...and in Year Three they are competing for a playoff spot.  He is also a very strong MVP candidate.....unreal since he's pretty much only in his 2nd season. 

4-EAGLES [Donovan McNabb].  Problem is that McNabb has no weapons.  He has no running TO...and his wideouts are average at best.  Not to mention that his leadership skills have been shaken with this whole TO fiasco. 

5-STEELERS [Ben Roethlisberger].  He's their franchise QB just by being there.  He doesn't have to put up big numbers for them to win.  But he can control his offense and keep them moving.  And he's looking like the #2 QB in Steelers history. 

6-FALCONS [Michael Vick].  Much debated...but I love this guy.  He's not the best passer...but he makes up for it with just threatening the defense into worrying about him.  Matt Schaub is a capable backup, too. 

7-VIKINGS [Daunte Culpepper].  I am a Culpepper fan...but is seems now that he needed Randy Moss a bit more than we thought.  He has no deep threat like Randy, so defense can close down every thing else.  Brad Johnson, the starter now, will be a hot commodity this offseason. 

8-JAGUARS [Byron Leftwich].  Dude is tough as nails....but he does miss time with injury.  But he's big, smart and is a winner.  His backup, David Garrard, will be a hot commodity for some of teams looking for QB help. 

9-BRONCOS [Jake Plummer].  I've been a Plummer fan for years now....and it is finally paying off [I seem to draft him every fantasy season].  He's cut down on his turnovers and bad plays to become an almost-elite QB. 

10-CHARGERS [Drew Brees].  Brees has this thing sewed up....and should reap the financial rewards.  That means that Philip Rivers will be on the block....and there will be some teams who may make a play for him. 

11-GIANTS [Eli Manning].  Well, the Giants traded Philip Rivers first.  To get this guy.  It's his job and unless he tanks, he's going nowhere.  He has a lot of room for improvement...but he's made great strides from Year 1 to Year 2. 

12-SEAHAWKS [Matt Hasselbeck].  He and Holmgren have saved their hides with their NFC best season.  Hasselbeck is having the year many thought he'd have last year. 

13-CHIEFS [Trent Green].  Green has had a horrible season...but I think that is more the exception than the rule.  He's going nowhere.

14-PANTHERS [Jake Delhomme].  He's in a perfect fit in Carolina....but he's flawed.  He sits on one receiver [Muhammad last year...Smith this year] and then tosses INTs when he looks elsewhere.  Still, he has heart and a want to win. 

15-RAMS [Marc Bulger].  Injuries have sidelined him....but dude is entrenched as the matter how big these  Ryan Fitzpatrick comebacks are. 

16-TITANS [Steve McNair].  But is this McNair's swam song?  Tennessee locked in Billy Volek, McNair's backup, already.  So does this mean that McNair is out??  Possibly.  He could retire or he could move on to a team that has a nice set up but just needs some QB help.  Either way, this is the best set position on the Titans roster. 

17-COWBOYS [Drew Bledsoe].  Quite interesting that this happened.  Bledsoe's reputation was dirt.  So was any QB the Boys had last year.  Put them together...and it works!  Now, he isn't the future by any means...but he may have a few more good years in him that Dallas' window may get him far in the NFC playoffs. 

18-CARDINALS [Kurt Warner].  He still shows signs of life...but we all know that this is borrowed time.  Arizoan has got to find something long term. 

19-NNERS [Alex Smith].  Will he be Carson Palmer, Peyton Manning or Eli Manning??  Or will he be Tim Couch and David Carr??

20-BUCCANEERS [Chris Simms].  Simms has taken the Brian Griese magic and run the Buccs on another role.  He actually turn into Tampa's future at QB. 

21-BEARS [Kyle Orton].  Is he the rookie of the year??  Maybe....but he's leading his team to the playoffs despite being a surprise opening day starter.  Good call Lovie!!

22-PACKERS [Brett Favre].  Favre is still doing his thing...but the franchise is biding its time until they can see if Aaron Rogers can do anything.  It is unknown.

23-RAIDERS [Kerry Collins].  To me and my friends, there is no other controversial QB.  Some love him....some hate him.  He essentially can do a lot with the football...both good and bad.  But will Da Raidahs make a play for someone new this offseason? 

24-SAINTS [Aaron Brooks].  It seems that Brooks may never get to franchise QB status.  And with this franchise is a state of flux, they may not be able to lure one either. 

25-BILLS [J.P. Losman].  Well, it hasn't been a great season...but Losman is getting some learning done.  Remember, this is just his first season as the starter and only 2nd year in the NFL.  Buffalo is playing out the string, and Losman will get many reps in to build on 2006. 

26-JETS [Chad Pennington].  Injuries have murdered the Jets this year....and no more apparant that behind center.  Pennington was knocked out [yet again] as has everyone behind him.  Heck, they had to bring Vinny Testerverde back from his shuffleboard league to play at QB.  Kidding aside, the Jets really do need to see if Pennington is the future or if he's just keeping them in mediocrity. 

27-REDSKINS [Mark Brunell].  Brunell's early season resurgence lifted Redskins Nation up with him.  But he and the team have fallen of late...and soon he may lose his job.  Jason Campbell is the future for this team....and he may get some PT late in the year. 

28-TEXANS [David Carr].  I like Carr, but he's not getting it done.  And with the strong possiblity of Matt Leinart or Vince Young [of Texas] out there in the draft, Houston may have to confront the Carr situation [they dumped a ton of money on Domanick Davis, so I doubt they'd draft Reggie Bush].  I think he gets one more year in Houston to make this work. 

29-BROWNS [Trent Dilfer].  Dilfer knows it....he's keeping the seat warm for Charlie Frye.  So with the Browns hopelessly out of contention...shouldn't they go ahead and play Frye now?? 

30-RAVENS [Kyle Boller].  Boller needed a breakthru season this year...but it didn't happen.  If coach Brian Billick survives this means he's on a tight leash next season.  And he'll be looking for a new sheriff to run his offense. 

31-DOLPHINS [Gus Frerotte].  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the future isn't bright at QB in Miami.  AJ Feely was supposed to be the future...but he's gone.  Frerotte has been a nice stop gap.  But this team may have to look outside their team for a starter in 2006. 

32-LIONS [Joey Harrington].  Mooch is gone...and Harrington may follow.  Jeff Garcia is too fragile to be their long term starter.  Look for the Lions to be looking to make a deal for one of these backup QBs. 

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