Thursday, May 11, 2006

Um, Those NBA and NHL 2nd Rounds Aren't Too Exciting


People surrounding the NBA and NHL both proclaimed their first round series were great [even though each league had just ONE series that went the full seven games].  On opposite ends of the spectrum, the NBA had every one of their teams that held home court advantage in the first round advance....and the NHL saw the top four seeds in the Western Conference all fall. 

Then the second round came.

In the NHL, three of the four series are currently at a 3-0 stage....though the East's top seeded Senators are one of the teams down by that margin.  Though the series may be all but done, the games have been pretty good.

In the Oilers-Sharks series and Sabres-Sens series, every game has been decided by one goal.  In the Canes-Devils series, the last two games have been decided by just one goal. 


Now....flip all of that for the NBA.  In the NBA, all but one series is tied at 1-1.  But the games haven't been too exciting.

In the Nets-Heat series....the Nets jumped all over Miami early [though Miami did make it respectable later on] in Game 1.  Then in Game 2, Miami had a 41-19 lead after the first quarter and never looked back.  The Heat won by that same 22 points. 

We've also had the Mavericks beat the Spurs by 22.....the Pistons beat the Cavaliers by 27 [and then dominated them in the next game]....and the Clippers beat the Suns by 25 points. 

Here's hoping that a change in venues may tighten up those NBA games.....and that maybe next week we will get some great NHL conference finals.


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