Monday, May 1, 2006

AGAIN, Will The Real MVP Please Stand Up?!?!?!?!

Again.  Steve Nash is the NBA's MVP....and Kobe Bryant isn't.

In the Lakers-Suns series.....

-Kobe dunked in Nash's face....putting his nads all up in Stevie's grill.

-Kobe's gotten in Nash's face twice only to watch Nash back down.

-Kobe's hit a game winner....on a night where Nash turned the ball over twice with a Suns victory in hand. 

-Kobe is showing that he can indeed play the team game and get everyone involved.  Um, but no matter how hard Nash tries, he will never be able to be the scorer and take games over like Kobe can. 

-Kobe's 7th seeded Lakers own a 3-1 series edge over Nash's 2nd seeded Suns.

-As of now, Steve Nash is the only multiple MVP winner to have never reached the NBA Finals.  And of all the multiple MVP winners, only he and Karl Malone never won an NBA Championship [but Malone went to three Finals].  Kobe has zero MVP awards and three Championships. 

                                      "Let me show ya somethin'!"


whatever1296 said...

Dude please, you know as well as I do that Steve Nash tried to call a time out for 10 minutes and the reff never saw.
and also, Steve Nash does not "take games over", he is not that type of player.

monponsett said...

What a fun series for Laker fans. I hate em myself, but I like seeing the Steve Nash myth shattered. Great offensive player, but he's been Smush's bitch since Game One. Can you see Kobe and Shaq's daughters having a heated WNBA rivalry in 2027 or so?