Sunday, May 14, 2006

Darth Kobe

Great article from  It is about DARTH KOBE.

Read Quitter: The Darth Kobe Story from his site to read about his take on how Kobe Bryant went from media darling to the most hated athlete right now.

Rob Littal says "the whole premise of the Darth Kobe persona is the fact that Bryant had realized that the majority of people, players and media will never like him regardless of what he does and to use that as fuel to destroy everything in his wake." 

Also, read his "Darth Kobe" The Rise, Fall and Rise Again of Kobe Byrant.  He says "the era Darth Kobe is in full force and as the hate and jealousy continues to flow he will continue to get stronger.  I for one embrace Darth Kobe because this is who he has always been.  From the time he kicked his high school sweetheart to the curb for Brandy, to dry humping white girls in Colorado and to dropping a “T.O.” on the league this is who he is and it is scary what a man can do when he can look in the mirror and the reflection is the real you."

Check it out.

PS Thanks to Ktmdog for finding this. 

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