Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Dirt That I Read


I appreciate all of those who read this blog.  I really do.  So...if you enjoy this blog....please click on some of those other blogs I have listed in the far left column from time to time.  All [okay, most....lol] are very good.  With my work sked and just overall ability to keep up with everything....I usually let things slide.  And, usually, these people keep up with it.

So here is just a sampling of my favorites [where are you Tree???] for you to enjoy.

AOL's Pigskin Bloggers talks about ol' school football art.....namely those 1970s and 1980s posters that some of us still have on our walls.  I had a Dexter Manley poster in my room as a teenager.....and I recently had my Super Bowl XXII poster destroyed from neglect in a shed. 

Mr. Irrelevant's Sports Blog warns NBA GMs to stay away from the Great White Hype.  Ya know, those big, goofy, white centers that tend to make their way into the NBA here and there.  This morphed from a discussion of the best American born white NBAers in the last 20 years.  And, yeah, it's a tough list to build.

Coztanza's Commentary, to me, is like a GZA album.  There are huge gaps between releases.....but when it debuts, it soothes my soul.  G-Coz talks about the Dolphins possibly becoming the new Raiders.....what with them signing Marcus Vick, dealing for Daunte Culpepper, and keeping Ricky Williams on their leash.  On George's Yankees Blog, he takes on the recent edition of the Subway Series.  Normally I would never pimp a Yankee blog because, Lord, I'm tired of all the national press they get already.  But George isn't as myopic nor downtrodden as the rest of the Yankee nation tends to be....so I can actually stomach his takes.  Again, another set of kudos to his style. 

On the other side, 20 Years in the Making... is a Mets fan and is celebrating the Shea Kids play against the Bronx Bombers. 

And props to Monponsett at High Above Courtside, who can get religious on a take relating lying and fishing to each other.  I always can trust Stacey to put the alternative [and Chowd] take on anything in the sporting world. 

To those who don't know, Die Cast Dude has moved to his new site....The Diecast Dude's (Mostly) NASCAR Blah Blah Blog.  Any NASCAR knowledge I ever needed can either be had by (a) reading his blog or (b) just asking him directly.  With the Nextel Series currently chilling in Charlotte....he's on my regular list again.

Yannis' Sports Journal turns the fork that the Mavs stabbed in the Spurs fans' hearts.  San Antonio lost Game 7 of the Western Conference semis at home last night....and Yannis touched on a point that gets forgotten by many.....the Spurs are worn down.  As a Laker fan, I know how this can happen.  During the Lakers three-peat, the Lakers essentially played another season worth of games just due to playoff games.  That takes a toll on a team when their offseason begins in mid June and ends in early October.  Same thing with the Spurs.  The team just seemed so tired.  Tim Duncan was nicked up all year [but played valiantly in this postseason].....but the real issue was in Manu Ginobili.  He had a great season and all....but he was done.  After a championship run last year following a big Olympic season the summer before....Ginobili sure didn't play like the All Star he has become.  Dude needs a rest.  They all do.  And I am sure they will be back fighting for the title in 2007. 

SavedByTheBlog.com throws up a few takes about the recent Preakness Stakes.  In the days since this has happend....I've heard a lot of cruel jokes about the incident.  To me, it isn't funny.  I agree with Chris here.....I feel sorry for the horse and the jockey but not so much for the gazillionaire owner.  But, in my prayers for the horse, I just hope the owners [which I feel is the case] are doing everything in their power to keep Barbaro alive and in good health.  He was willing to die for you.....the least you can do is using some of those winnings you got to keep him alive. 

Go to The Ohio LeBlog to see the roller coaster ride which is the NBA playoffs.  Especially when you are a Cavs fan celebrating the fact that you are back in the fun.....yet had it ended sooner than you hoped.

Dave Sez spills his take on the rumored move that the NCAA may expand the tournament to 80 teams.  He's not in favor of it.  Neither am I.  I want 96 teams in the tournament.  Sure, Dave is right.   Greed is involved in this.  But I've stated my case before on why I like this move. 

Calling the shots tells the tale of the Baseball Card That Never Should Have Been.  I love this story just because of the baseball card world is something that I've never had any interest in and I am always amazed how certain things tend to gain value for odd reasons [see: NFC Championship hot dog on Ebay].

Check out the all new The Sports Guru » Random Thoughts of a Sports Junkee blog. 

And, finally, while Alex has retired his blog....there is a new comer to the mix.  ESPN Nut's Sports Blog is furiously filling his blog with various sports items.  As constructive criticism.....I like the takes and the follow ups on the blog.  Especially his "Reactions to Barry Bonds' 714th home run" entry.    But, don't bother with the TV listings or scoreboard recaps.  Most people will just go to ESPN, Fox Sports, or AOL Sports for that.  Instead, put that energy into your opinions and research....which both seem to be pretty darn good.  Again, I'm just saying that to help, not hurt. 

Oh....and I can't end this kinda blog entry without my favorite blog item of all time.  Any Sportz Assassin fan knows that this is the greatest video of all time.  The problem is that the source has moved.  But, the good folks at YOUTUBE have kept it alive.  Again....YouTube - Carl Lewis "Break It Up"


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Thanks for linking me up....I have returned the favor!!

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