Tuesday, May 9, 2006

I Gotta Say, Today Was A Good Day


I had a great weekend [well, except for my Lakers blowing a 3-1 series lead to the Suns and a sore throat that developed late Sunday].  I had two days off from work.  My wife made a great dinner.  We sat and watched a couple of movies ["The Family Stone" and "Last Holiday"].  Bought a couple of new additions to the Sportz Room.  Even mowing the grass didn't seem like such a chore. 

TY COBB BET ON BASEBALL TOO, YA KNOW:  Here is an interesting article about baseball's sad past.  ESPN.com - MLB - Gay: Baseball has endured worse than Bonds is something many purists should read. 

SPEAKING OF BONDS.....: Barry Bonds should be playing every day right now.  Just one HR from tying Babe Ruth at 714....people are buying Giants tickets just to say they were there when he did it.  They get to the stadium, and Bonds isn't playing.  That has got to completely suck.  At least until 715 gets hit....Bonds should find a way to be in the lineup everyday.  At his salary and the importance this HR means to Giants fan...you need to find a way to play, Barry.

AND EVEN MORE ON BARRY....:  Best sign during the Giants-Phillies series?  "It's Barry's Head....we're just all living on it."  Classic!

AND GIMME A BREAK, THIS WASN'T THE GREATEST FIRST ROUND:  Despite what everyone is screaming....this isn't the greatest NBA first round.  Nope.  Only one series went the distance [Suns-Lakers] and that Game 7 was a 31-pt Phoenix win.  Every team with home court advantage advanced.  Sure, it was good....but people need to stop screaming about how great it was. 

HORNETS OWNER DEPRESSED:  Ya know in "Independence Day" where those aliens just jump from planet to planet using up all the resources??  Well, that's Hornets owner George Shinn.  Shinn bolted Charlotte when they didn't give him what he wanted [but was all too willing to give it to Robert Johnson].  Now he wants to bolt New Orleans because he's "depressed" about the rebuilding of the Crescent City.  True, I don't think N'Awlins can hang onto this team financially.  But, heck, they couldn't before Katrina, either.  But Shinn NEEDS to stick it out.  He NEEDS to.  This is the city he thought was better than Charlotte.  This is the city he felt he needed to make a grass roots effort to be a part of......so people will buy tickets to see his team's games.  This is the city and state you SOLD your team to, figuratively.  You can't just bolt off the bat while the going gets rough!  To be honest, if Shinn is allowed to move his team....then he should be watched like a hawk like social services would to an adopted child.  If he flunks out again, the franchise should be ripped from his small grubby fingers. 

NFL NETWORK GOING COLLEGE:  The NFL Network will show, NCAA games???  Yep, the NFL Net has signed a deal to televise the Insight Bowl which moves from Chase Field to Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe.  The Network also has signed on to televise the NCAA Senior Bowl. 

NCAA ADDS FOUR NEW BOWL GAMES:  This happened a couple of weeks ago....but I never mentioned it.  But the NCAA has approved 31 bowls for 2006-7.  Twenty-seven of the 28 bowls from last year have been renewed [only the Houston Bowl hasn't been....but it could still make the slate].  The new bowls?  The INTERNATIONAL BOWL in Toronto.  The NEW MEXICO BOWL in Albuquerque.  And the BIRMINGHAM BOWL [remember that Birmingham had the All American Bowl for several years].  The fourth new bowl is the BCS Championship game which will be played on January 8th in Glendale, AZ.   


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"I didn't even have to use my AK..."

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I saw the police, and they rolled right past me.