Thursday, May 4, 2006

RIP Earl Woods


OHIO STATE V NORTH CAROLINA:  The top two freshmen classes will get to square off on November 29th as the Buckeyes will travel to Chapel Hill to take on the Tar Heels.  It will have guys like Greg Oden [who will go against 2005's top freshman Tyler Hansbrough], Mike Conley, Daequon Cook, David Lighty [all OSU's], Tywon Lawson, Wayne Ellington, Brandon Wright and Deon Thompson.  The shame of it is that the game is soooo early in the schedule that these guys really won't get to be too knowledgable in the offense yet.  But, hey, I'm just glad they will be playing!

WHAT DID I SAY!?!?!?:  The first round of the NHL playoffs are over....and the top 4 seeds in the West all lost!  The Red Wings, Stars, Flames and Predators [the first three all won their divisions] were all upset in the first round.  That's the first time that has happened in the 32 years of conference playoffs.  The Ducks made that possible by beating the Flames in CalGary. 

RIP EARL WOODS:  Prayers to the Woods family. 

BARRY BONDS GETS NAILED:  Classic.  Bonds is leaning against the batting cage when a ball gets fouled off into his face.  Nice.

BARKLEY'S A GAMBLIN' MAN:  Sir Chuck went on ESPN and told the world that he's wasted $10M in gambling.  Must be nice, eh?  At least he didn't try to make us feel like he's a victim or anything.  I mean, nothing like hearing the "poor me, I'm so rich that I can't find more constructive ways to waste my money".  If you make $40K a would take you 250 years to make the amount of money that Barkley just threw away. 

PREDICTION....THE NBA FINALS WILL SUCK:  Face facts.  They will.  The Super Bowl sucked.  The NCAA Championship basketball gamesucked.  The World Series sucked [okay, the Rose Bowl was pretty good].  So why not the NBA Finals too? 

Well, the playoffs have been pretty good.  We've had Kobe, LeBron [twice] and Kevin Martin hit buzzer beaters [or near buzzer beaters].  We've had fights between teams and fights within teams [see: Miami].  But, remember....the NFL playoffs were pretty good too.  And the NCAA tournament was pretty darn good too.  So were the MLB playoffs.  And all ended in stinkers.  So why not this one??

DUMB RAJA BELL:  Apparantly, Bell threw Kobe Bryant down because he was tired of getting elbowed.  Um....take a look at this video to see those "powerful elbows"....YouSendIt: The Leader in File Delivery.


monponsett said...

Forget Barry's head... how's the ball doing?

lrpatton said...

Hmmmmm... How does Barry Bonds get hit when he was on the opposite side of the netting?

I suspect the Great Bambino has a new curse against Barry Bonds.

Face it, the Red Sox were just able to rid his curse from, the Bambino is targeting Bonds to try to keep his homerun record to at least respectable.

If I were Barry, perhaps some additional insurance is needed?