Monday, May 22, 2006


One thing I love about the NBA Draft  I've been going to this site for several years now to get the haps on all the players.  Sure, it ain't perfect [it had Johan Petro as the early #1 in last years draft] but it does an excellent job researching the draft process as well as the possible drafted players waaaay before they become household names.

One thing I love to do is check their "player comparisons".   They take the draftees and put a kinda comparison to the kind of games these players have.  Mind you, this doesn't mean they are as good or as bad as the players they are compared to.....just the styles of play. 

Like many people, they label Adam Morrison like Larry Bird.  Again, Morrison won't be anywhere near Bird as far as their careers go....but they do have similar types of games.  They hustle, excellent shooters and can do a variety of things on the court.  Oh, and they are white.

Ah....but don't let the skin tone fool ya!  The very white Kevin Pittsnogle of the Pitt Panthers is compared to the very black Sam Perkins because they are both big men with great range. 

They have Duke's JJ Redick compared to Drazen Petrovic.  This is a fair assessment.  I really see Redick as a Steve Kerr type player.  I don't think Redick will be an All Star or anything....but Redick should have a long career.  He has that sick range which will be an asset in the NBA.  Like Kerr, Redick should be a bench guy that's sole purpose is to come into games, stretch defenses, hit weakside jumpers, and be on the floor in those "FT fouling" situations. 

So here is a quick list at some of the other guys on their list....

Tyrus Thomas.....Shawn Marion
LaMarcus Aldridge....Channing Frye
Andrea Bargnani....Dirk Nowitzki
Rudy Gay....Scottie Pippen
Randy Foye.....Chauncey Billups
Brandon Roy.....Jalen Rose
Marcus Williams.....Deron Williams
Rodney Carney....Richard Jefferson
Mardy Collins.....Aaron McKie
Ronnie Brewer....Marquis Daniels
Patrick O'Bryant.....Brad Daugherty
Cedric Simmons.....Nene Hilario
Sheldon Williams....Antonio Davis
Hilton Armstrong....Ervin "Not Magic" Johnson
Maurice Ager.....Derek Anderson
Jordan Farmar.....Luke Ridnour
Shawne Williams......Walt Williams
Rajon Rondo.....Mookie Blaylock
Kyle Lowry....Tim Hardaway
Josh Boone....Brian Grant
Mike Gansey.....Jeff Hornecek
PJ Tucker....Mario Elie
Leon Powe.....Larry Johnson
Marco Killingsworth.....Anthony Mason
Craig Smith.....Corliss Williamson
Daniel Gibson....Derek Fisher

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monponsett said...

Ad-Mor needs to get about 10 rebounds a game before we start comparing him to Larry Legend.

I also see Randy Foy as a sort of black JoJo White.