Sunday, May 7, 2006

The NBA Needs An Awards Ceremony


Quick....which one is Steve Nash and which one is Karen Allen [the chick from Raiders Of the Lost Ark, Starman and Scrooged]????

The dumbest thing about the NBA Awards Season is that....well, it's anticlimatic. 

For a week now, we've KNOWN Steve Nash has won the MVP award.  Of course, it meant it was leaked since the actually announcement wasn't until today.  Oh....and now we find out that, reportedly, Ben Wallace wins the Defensive MVP award.  So he should get that in a month or so.

The NBA really sucks at this.  Especially in a sport where awards are hotly debated.  In baseball, there is a strict quiet and schedule to announce these awards.  In the NFL, techincally the league doesn't recognize these awards.  In the NHL and NASCAR, they hold an awards ceremony....sort of like a real ESPY's with a bit of Golden Globe's thrown in there.  The NCAA football awards [many of them] are given at an awards banquet.

Have that in the NBA. 

Hold a big ol' banquet with all these guys there to get their awards.  Have a nominee list with Dirk, Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade and Nash vying for the award.  Since NBA players are the most egomanical would be great to see the hurt look on their faces when the camera is on them and they aren't the best.  I'd fully expect the runners up to run to the presenters and complain their they do with the referees.  Maybe when Nash goes up to accept his award, someone can run out there and flagarant foul him. 

It's the NBA.  They freakin' show the draft lottery during the playoffs....if'n that isn't ironic.  "By the way, these 14 teams weren't in the playoffs....but don't forget they exist". 

These guys like dressing have a big shindig for them. 


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