Friday, May 5, 2006

O.J. Picks LAWYER RON For the Kentucky Derby


"I love lawyers, I know all about lawyers. If there was a Lawyer Johnnie, Lord knows, I'd put my house on it."

THEO EPSTEIN:  I got this from THE WADE BLOGS about Theo Epstein and his broken promises.  Check it out.  The Wade Blogs

MY WIFE IS A COMEDIENE:  My wife said this as we were watching Game 6 of the Suns-Lakers series:  "They need to have a grooming code because there is to much freakin' hair out there".   Nice, hon!

GET YOUR OWN NASCAR RACE:  The Crown Royal 400 is about to pop off in Richmond....but they are already eying next year.  Word is that Crown Royal is gonna have a contest to get some fan/drunk's name on a race.  It would be, say, "The Sportz Assassin 400 Presented by Crown Royal".  Nice.  If you remember, the Celts home in Boston was selling it's naming rights on a day-by-day basis until they found a permament buyer.  I just pray to God and for all Nascar fans that the guy who wins this has a normal name.  Not the "Earl Snoggyberger 400'.....or the "Junior Strickland Jr 400"....

HOOTIE JOHNSON LEAVING AUGUSTA:  Well, not entirely.  But Johnson will step aside to take on a sort of "elder statesman" role.  Billy Payne will take over.  Anyone know how long it will take Martha Burke to try to push Payne about allowing women into Augusta??

ARIZONA IS A HOT TOWN:  Well, no kidding....but the Cardinals are hot too.  Seems that all the season tickets are gone for the Cards games this year....and that, for the first time since the team left St Louis for Zona, every Cards home game could be on local TV.  If the Bengals and Buccaneers can be good....why not Zona???

THE NHL RESUMES TONIGHT:  Second round action from the NHL starts the Sabres-Senators series jumps off in Ottawa and the Avalanche-Ducks series begins in Anaheim. 

GO BLUEGRASS CAT!:  That's who I got in my Kentucky Derby pool. 

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