Monday, May 1, 2006

HEY! Don't Grab My Junk!!!


Clippers center Chris Kaman is saying that Nuggets forward Reggie Evans grabbed Kaman's....uh, berries....and "pulled hard" on them.  TV replays show that while battling for a rebound, Evans hand goes up Kaman's shorts.  The NBA is investigating this.

Wow.  Just another notch on the ol' insano belt for the NBA.  We've already had...

-Miami's Udonis Haslem throwing his mouthpiece and got suspended.

-Denver's Kenyon Martins suspended indefinitely for conduct determental to the team.

-Indiana's Anthony Johnson saying that Vince Carter's facial expressions are an attempt to "act tough" even though he really isn't.

-Lakers Kobe Bryant and Suns Steve Nash getting in each other's faces twice in their series.

-Luke Walton fouling Tim Thomas hard.  Kwame Brown fouling Boris Diaw hard.  Both incidents led to a bunch of huffing and puffing.

-The Wizards assaulting LeBron James in Game 2 of that series.

-Miami's Shaquille O'Neal fined $25,000 for complaining about officiating.  Sorry, big guy, but throwing elbows in Tyson Chandler's face is a foul on you.

-Miami's James Posey running down the court and putting an NHL-style boby check on Kirk Hinrich.  He was suspended.

-Miami's Dwayne Wade and Gary Payton getting in each other's face just before halftime of their game in Chicago on Sunday.  When it got to the bench, the entire team was yelling....with Pat Riley in the middle of the huddle with a classic "why did I fire Stan Van Gundy" look. 

What a first round it has been so far!  We've had nearly everything you can imagine.

-LeBron James getting a triple-double in his first playoff game.

-Kobe Bryant hitting a game winning shot just two nights after Sacramento's Kevin Martin did the same thing.  Those were the first "loss-to-win" buzzer shots in the playoffs since Derek Fisher hit that shot to beat the Spurs in 2004. 

-The Pistons and Spurs were blown the heck out by #8 seeds.

-The Spurs/Kings, Heat/Bulls, Cavs/Wiz and Nets/Pacers series are all knotted up at 2-2. 

-The Memphis Grizzlies still cannot win a postseason game.  They are 0-11 heading into tonight's possible elimination game.

-We could get a Lakers-Clippers 2nd round matchup.  Both have 3-1 series leads [the Clippers are heading to LA for Game 5 while the Lakers move over to Arizona].  If that happens...that means either the Clips or Lakers would be in the Western Conference Finals.  Now, think about that!


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monponsett said...

That happened to me in a college game, and we ended up going to the Lilith Fair concert together. men... shakes head.