Wednesday, May 3, 2006

More Good, uh, Things

Pretty eventful night around sports, eh?

THE PHOTO ABOVE:  It came from last year's NCAA season [the Arkansas Razorbacks]....but my wife just e-mailed it to I gotta put it up there. 

THE BEST RECORD IN BASEBALL:  The Cincinnati Reds completed a 2-game sweep over the St. Louis Cardinals to keep the Major League's best record.  The 19-8 Reds currently have a 1 1/2 lead over the Houston Astros in the NL Central and are just one win better than the Chicago White Sox for the best record overall. would you believe that you'd be saying this in May...but the Reds head to Coors Field to face the Rockies in a battle of 1st place teams.  And they are doing it with some good pitching.  In the last 9 games [the Reds are 8-1 in those games], the Reds have allowed more than 4 runs just once.....and 5 times they have allowed 2 or fewer runs.  And it isn't just a "freaky ballpark" thing either.  Cincinnati is tied with the Mets for the best road record in baseball.  And this is without Junior Griffey in the lineup.

BARRY BONDS #712:  Bonds hit his 712th home run, putting him just 2 behind Babe Ruth for most left-handed home runs. 

CHRIS KAMAN'S BAD NIGHT:  I touched on this earlier...but here is video of the Reggie Evans-Chris Kaman "party" underneath the basket.  YouTube - Reggie Evans Violates Chris Kaman [go to that page and there are several videos of it...including TNT's take].  After watching this a few times, I am amazed at (a) the restraint Kaman had from not going haymaker on Evans....and (b) that some dude would grab another dudes package like that. 

KWAME BROWN BEING INVESTIGATED:  Crap!  We Laker fans really needed this.  LAPD is investigating a sexual assault complaint against Lakers center Kwame Brown.  He hasn't been charged and the it hasn't been released of who made the complaint.  By the way...

THE LAKERS LOST TO THE SUNS:  Still, the Lakers own a 3-2 series lead with the next game in Los Angeles.  Like several games this series, this one got rather testy.  Late in the game, Suns forward Raja Bell clotheslined Kobe Bryant and tossed him to the ground.  Later, after Kwame Brown got into it with Shawn Marion....Kobe Bryant yelled at an official and got tossed.  You can be sure that Game 6 will be even more it is another elimination game for the Suns and the Lakers need to win to keep from going to Phoenix for the deciding game.

ANGELS-ATHLETICS BRAWL:  A good ol' fashioned baseball brawl.  Watch it - MLB - Recap.

NHL PLAYOFFS:  Two more series ended on Tuesday.  The Carolina Hurricanes won the last four games of the series to beat the Montreal Canadiens in six games [4-2].  In Philly, the Buffalo Sabres ran over the Flyers 7-1 to take that series in six games.  Tonight, the ultimate.  A Stanley Cup Game 7!  Anaheim v Calgary in Alberta.   

MARCUS VICK WILL JOIN THE DOLPHINS:  Since this whole Joey Harrington thing is on edge, the Dolphins will try their hand at former V-Tech headcase Marcus Vick. 



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