Friday, May 26, 2006

Timmy Smith: Prisoner


Timmy Smith, best known.....okay, only known.....for his unexpected and record setting rushing effort in Super Bowl XXII, will be spending the next 30 months in prison for for conspiring to distribute cocaine.

Yes....the former Super Bowl champion, and still record holder for his 204 rushing yards in that blowout win over the Broncos 18 years ago, was working as a security guard at a juvie center.  And he got caught [along with his brother] selling coke to undercover DEA agents.  Timmy Smith pleaded guilty in March to the conspiracy charge after federal prosecutors agreed to drop eight additional cocaine-trafficking counts in exchange for a guilty plea.

It's sad....since Smith, to me, represented the oddity and the "anything can happen" nature that the Super Bowl can bring.  Smith was a nobody.  A nothing.  He was a 5th round pick from Texas Tech in 1987....that Super Bowl season. 

Think about this.  In that Super Bowl, he rushed for 204 yards.  In his entire regular season career in the NFL....he rushed for a total of 602 yards. 

Think about this.  In that Super Bowl season, Smith rushed only 29 times for a total of 126 yards.  In that one Super Bowl game....he ran 22 times for that 204 yards.

Think about this.  In the two playoff games heading into that Super Bowl [against Chicago and Minnesota]....he ran 29 times for a total of 138 yards. 

Think about this.  He rushed for 2 touchdowns in Super Bowl XXII.  He only rushed for 3 for the rest of his career, regular season and playoffs.

Think about this.  After that record setting performance....he played just one more year for the Redskins and just 15 more games the rest of his career [which ended in 1990 with the Cowboys].

Talk about the ultimate one game wonder. 

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monponsett said...

I hope he ends up in a wheelchair, fronting a heavy metal band while twitching and going "Timmyyyyy" a lot.