Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sports Greatest TV Moments

                     's Page 2 has done a take on the greatest sports moments ever televised [ Page 2 : Great moments, great TV].   Now, I've only been alive for the stuff that's happened since my list would be altered a bit.  Actually....I have three lists.  The things I actually saw live as they happened.  Things I didn't that happened in my life.  And the things that happened before I was born.  And, of course, I could have a list where the Lakers, Redskins, Reds and Tar Heels won titles.  But overall here is the list of the top five moments I watched live....


1-KIRK GIBSON'S HOME RUN:  I hated the A's in the late 1980s....and Gibson's HR was just so magical.  Nothing like a hobbled vet connecting on a pitch thrown by the most dominant closer of that time.  And the sight of tailights in the distance is classic. 

2-THE BILL BUCKNER GAME:  I watched this game.  I was rooting for the Mets in this one [I very rarely root for the American League team in World Series] and was floored by what I saw. 

3-MARK MCGWIRE'S 62ND DINGER:  I was at a pool hall when this happened.  Since then, I've soured on the whole deal....but at that moment, it was unbelievable. 

4-BILLS MISSED FIELD GOAL:  I was at a pool hall [a different one], all of 15 years old, and all I wanted was for the Giants to lose that game.  But at the same time, I didn't want the NFC to lose it's streak of Super Bowl wins.  The entire place stopped to watch that kick. 

5-JORDAN'S SHOT TO BEAT THE JAZZ:  A weird series ended on a classic shot. 

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