Friday, July 28, 2006

Willie Roaf Retires


"I guess they want me to reconsider.  I'm solid on retiring and going back to school."

Willie Roaf, one of the top tackles in the NFL, has retired.  He went to 11 Pro Bowls in his 13 seasons with the Chiefs and Saints.

He has suffered knee and leg injuries that have left him gimpy, and many around him felt that he didn't want to play unless it was at his highest level....and in fact hinted that 2005 would be his final season.


redwingsnut93 said...

Well....that sucks.  I was going to pick Larry Johnson first in my league, but no I'm questioning it because he's gone.

Sports Nut

sportzassassin said...

Yeah...that makes the start of the fantasy drafts interesting.  By far, Larry Johnson, LaDanlian Tomlinson and Shaun Alexander are the top picks in fantasy football....but they all got questions.  

Johnson has Roaf retiring and really noone to replace him.  Also, with Al Saunders and Dick Vermeil gone...what will that offense look like?

Alexander just got will that drive that carried him last year be there??  Not to mention LG Steve Hutchinson is now a will that effect him?

As for LT, well, they got a new QB....and Tomlinson kind of disappeared late last year.  That line isn't that great either.  


monponsett said...

Doggone it if he don't look like a Willie Roaf!